9 Places to Put Cabinets That Aren't in the Kitchen or Bathroom

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Wolf Designer Cabinets Window BenchCabinets are the centerpiece of most kitchens and many bathrooms. People agonize for weeks while selecting the best cabinetry to complete those spaces and accentuate their styles.

But some may not realize that cabinets fit well into other parts of the home, too. As it turns out, you'll gain a host of benefits by using these storage units in lower-profile – and sometimes overlooked – locations.

1. The Mudroom or Entryway

The transition between the outside world and home sweet home should feel fluid and defined, and placing cabinets in your entry area will aid in the development of that transition space. Rather than see unorganized shoes, backpacks, purses, and jackets scattered all over the house, cabinets will consolidate these items into one determined location that will make cleaning a little more convenient.

Place lower units specifically for children's items and shoes, and then install models higher on the wall to keep pet supplies, valuables and other possessions meant for adult use. Having a fleshed-out mudroom/entryway adds a lot of value to a home, and many larger families consider it essential.

2. The Dining Room

Create powerful synergy between your kitchen and formal dining room with some tasteful cabinetry.

Carrying a kitchen cabinet design into the dining area communicates that you care about the details, and this additional storage space offers a built-in place to protect special china, wine glasses, and other table utensils like gravy boats, pitchers and serving trays.

Expand their utility to include alcohol storage as part of a dry bar, or keep games for when you schedule a family (or friends) fun night.

3. The Basement

Finished basements have become big draws for a lot of modern homebuyers. By installing finished walls, sharp-looking floors and covered ceilings, these spaces provide quite a bit of flexibility.

Cabinets contribute to the fun and functionality, with their added storage and aesthetic appeal coming in as big positives in a room people typically consider drab. You could improve your house's entertainment center with cabinets that hold blankets, movies and video games, or you could incorporate them into an additional living space for family, extended guests or even renters.

4. The Laundry RoomWolf Cabinets Laundry Room

Laundry rooms offer tantalizing potential when outfitted with improved storage space.

Most importantly, cabinets will securely store detergents, dryer sheets, bleach, laundry pods and other chemicals, thus keeping them safely away from children and pets. You can also use the additional storage to keep hangers and clothespins, as well as other cleaning supplies like window spray, floor cleaner and more.

Cabinets add visual appeal, too, which helps to increase your home's value and make laundry a little more relaxing.

5. The Office

If you frequently work from home and host clients, you'll want to communicate a professional atmosphere. It's a small touch, but well-made cabinetry can bring that space together and create a more comfortable environment.

Additional storage for files, office gadgets and extra supplies doesn't hurt, either.

6. The Living Room

Your living room is a space to gather with family and friends, play board games or watch a movie. Adding cabinets to this area is a fashionable, functional choice, offering greater storage and decorating opportunities. 

Placing cabinetry on either side of your fireplace or tv creates a focal point filled with pictures, books and memorabilia. This extra storage also lets you organize various electronic equipment, such as remotes, video game controllers and disks for games and movies.

7. The Garage

Want to avoid a cluttered garage? Adding cabinets will give you much-needed breathing room and let you neatly store your tools. Space is one of the most valuable resources in a garage, and you can make plenty of room for your vehicles and equipment with well-placed cabinetry.

As an added bonus, you can make the garage feel a little homier. The room will be safer, too, giving you a place to put hazardous chemicals and sharp tools out of reach.

8. A Wet Bar

A compact wet bar has all the supplies you need to make drinks in a small space. Capitalize on this aspect with beautiful cabinetry that pulls the bar together while adding additional storage room. Closed cabinets closer to the ground can hold snacks and other supplies, while the upper cabinets can display your drink options and formal glasses.

9. The Attic

Give your attic a makeover with cabinets tucked into the walls for greater space and organization capabilities. This design feature will help you know where you put your seasonal decorations and stored items and access them easily, without moving a bunch of totes. Keeping your belongings in cabinets will also protect them from dust and breaking.

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Post Updated on July 20, 2022