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If you’re new to the world of cabinets and kitchen design, learning the basics can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help break it down for you. Whether you’re looking for a stock cabinet ready in a pinch or a customized cabinet built just for you — or, if you’re unsure of which type you should purchase — we’ve got you covered. Learn more about each type of cabinet and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each before deciding which may fit your home and needs best.



Wolf Home Products stock cabinets are premanufactured and ready-to-ship. They contain a range of options you can browse online, so when you’re ready to order, all you have to do is get in touch with a Wolf dealer and make your purchase. Because they’re premade, stock cabinets are the most affordable option. Ideal for simple projects or immediate needs, stock cabinets have the quickest delivery time.


  • Affordability
  • Quick delivery


  • Minimal customization
  • Limited selection


Another type of kitchen cabinets is semi-custom. Our semi-custom cabinets come in a wider range of styles, features and options for a personalized look. You’ll start with a basic design and have the chance to customize the look based on your kitchen style and needs. This type of cabinet is a great choice for those who don’t need an entirely built-from-scratch cabinet but would like to have some specific features that aren’t available with the stock options. However, these cabinets take longer than a stock cabinet and will cost more because they are customizable. However, their price is still considerably lower than a fully customized cabinet.


  • Wider range of options for design, fit, style and storage
  • Custom look at much less than custom price — approximately half the cost


  • Cost of customization can vary
  • Quality can vary
  • Longer lead time than stock style


Custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications. You can start from scratch designing the exact look, shape and size you’re after. This is the perfect choice if you have specific storage needs or a unique kitchen look you’re after. You can customize different types of cabinets to wrap around your kitchen layout or fit perfectly with your kitchen island, for example. Custom cabinets are the highest quality and durability. Because they’re built just for you, they are also the priciest and most time-consuming option.


  • Designs fit your exact storage needs and style preferences
  • Unique design


  • Expensive
  • Labor-intensive
  • Time from design to finish can be months


Are you in the market for new cabinets, whether stock or custom-made? Wolf Home Products has 175 years of experience providing premium products without the premium price. Get in touch with a Wolf Home Products dealer if you want to learn more about our types of cabinets.

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