April 10, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

Buying your first home is an exciting process that’s likely the realization of some big dreams.

From turnkeys to fixer-uppers, many first-time homeowners view their new property through rose-colored glasses. It may be perfect for your family now, but circumstances change throughout life, and they might prompt a change.

With that in mind, it’s always good to make improvements to your house when possible, both for your satisfaction and for setting up a future financial gain. Remodeling spending was expected to clock in around $340 billion for 2018. If you want to get in on the action, here are some of the best home improvements to increase value.


People across the globe have long heralded the kitchen as the most essential room in the home, and that’s especially true for most house-hunters.

Shoppers are on the lookout for upgraded kitchens that give a modern, clean feel. Wallpapers and unorthodox colors, like green or yellow, are entirely out of style, while neutral tones and stainless-steel appliances are significant positives.

Aside from refrigerators, stoves and other appliances, Wolf Home Products can supply plenty of other vital components, including five different cabinetry lines that span dozens of different styles and price points. With the help of a local dealer, you can customize them with your preferred stain or paint and hardware.

Wolf cabinetry can also utilize functional storage add-ons, such as lazy-Susans and knife blocks, to aid in organization. You can also seamlessly blend your countertop and cabinetry with a tasteful backsplash.


Smaller bathroom remodels — which usually focus on upgrading the vanity and tile — generate consistently high recoup rates during resale.

The vanity is the central hub of any bathroom, as it brings the entire area together. You can create a widely accessible, yet unique design with the various vanity tops from by Wolf. In addition to quartz, we also sell cultured marble, natural granite, and solid surface tops that can all appeal to buyers with the right touch.

You can also adapt our cabinetry to fit with those vanities. We even offer SmartShield Technology™ in our Wolf Signature line to protect against spills, stains and other messes and make cleaning less frustrating, a universally appreciated benefit.

You can add some extra pop with mosaic tiles, which you can implement into your shower, above your vanity, or as an entire accent wall.


Curb appeal, room to entertain, and low maintenance are all growing buzzwords for modern homebuyers.

Outdoor spaces can serve as significant extensions of your house, with decks and front porches adding expanded space for activities.

Wolf Home Products recognizes the call for a balance between aesthetics and practicality, and we offer that through our decking and porch lines. Utilizing trademark innovations like ColorWatch™ Technology, you’ll get incredibly durable products that resist fading and other wear.

You can add safety and additional looks with different railing systems, which use a variety of baluster styles and materials. You can also find added accessories, like pergolas, arbors and trash containers. Lighting underneath steps and on rails gives added value, too.

We also offer Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding, which can eliminate the worn look of older wood and other materials that most people generally consider to be ugly and impractical. We endow our siding with the same kind of technology that makes our decking successful, and it’s also more energy-efficient — which modern buyers also heavily value.


Whether your plans are immediate or gradual, Wolf Home Products offers the materials you need to make home improvements for resale. Contact a Wolf dealer in your area to discuss home improvements that increase value today.

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