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When working from home, it’s essential to create a private workspace that provides comfort and maximizes productivity. Whether your home office is a converted spare bedroom, attic, den or basement, you’ll want to make sure it offers enough space for a desk and computer equipment and meets your storage requirements.

Use the following ideas for home office improvements to update your work area.


Selman Kazanci of USA Cabinet Store designed this home office featuring Wolf Designer cabinets, Parker door style, custom Inkwell finish from Benjamin Moore.

Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens! Installing cabinetry can improve your home office by giving you more storage space for:

  • Files or paperwork
  • Extra office equipment and supplies
  • Books or writing journals
  • Extra cables or chargers
  • Trinkets
  • Miscellaneous items 

Cabinets also offer ample opportunities for creativity by incorporating your ideas for a custom-designed office space. The right cabinets can enhance your workspace’s appearance and help you create a more productive environment. You can install cabinets or shelves next to your desk, on walls or wherever else works best in your office configuration.


Featuring Wolf Classic cabinets, Dartmouth and Dartmouth 5-Piece door style in White paint.

Ergonomics are crucial when setting up a home office. To determine the appropriate desk height, sit at the desk with your arms at your side. When you move your elbows to a 90-degree angle, you should be able to place your hands comfortably on the surface.

Select an ergonomic chair that follows your spine’s natural curvature and offers sufficient lumbar support. Your chair should allow you to sit comfortably in the same position for extended periods without fidgeting or slouching. An adjustable chair can help you compensate if the desk height is too high or low.

You can also invest in a seat cushion or memory foam armrest pads to provide additional comfort if you’re sitting in a chair for multiple hours a day. The more you take care of your body while you work, the better you’ll feel at the end of a long workday.


Featuring Wolf Classic cabinets, Dartmouth and Dartmouth 5-Piece door style in White paint.

You don’t want your home office to feel like a dungeon or prison cell. Your home office should be comfortable and inviting to boost your creativity and make you more productive. Create the ideal DIY office space by:

  • Investing in lighting: If the room or space doesn’t have a window, use lighting to brighten the area. Invest in a high-quality desk lamp to help you stay alert and avoid eyestrain. You can even choose lighting with various color temperatures to change the lighting from warm to cold or dim to bright as needed.
  • Using wall decorations and pictures: Surround yourself with pictures of loved ones and other things that make you happy. You can use a picture frame to prop up a cute photo of your family members by your work computer to provide you with a boost of serotonin throughout the day, or you can hang up a poster from your favorite TV show.
  • Choosing a new paint color: Painting the walls a calming color can help you relax and enhance the work setting. If your walls are plain white, it may not feel like a comfortable or homey environment. Try fun colors, such as green or blue, to spice up the room and make you feel more comfortable while you work.
  • Adding homey touches: Placing a few plants on your desk or throughout the workspace can help the area feel more “alive” and have a soothing effect during a stressful workday. An area rug can also contribute to your home office’s decor and comfort.


Featuring Wolf Classic cabinets, Dartmouth and Dartmouth 5-Piece door style in White paint.

Your desk should offer enough space to hold your computer and everything else you need during the workday. Work from home setup ideas for your desk include:

  • Keeping necessary items within reach: Place the items you use the most within easy reach so you can retrieve them without moving your chair. Use organizers to help keep everything neat and easily accessible so you don’t have to waste time looking for items when you need them.
  • Utilizing storage space: Don’t clutter your desktop with things you rarely use — store these objects in drawers or cabinets or on shelving. 
  • Making chair and desk upgrades: Make sure the height of your desk and chair enable you to view your computer monitor at eye level without hunching. Many office chairs are adjustable, so you can tweak them until they fit perfectly. You can even find adjustable desks that will move to the ideal height so your legs aren’t squished underneath.


Featuring Wolf Classic cabinets, Dartmouth and Dartmouth 5-Piece door style in White paint.

One of the more imaginative and least expensive home office upgrades you can make is reducing desk clutter and gaining more storage space by installing metal or plastic wall hooks. Use them to hold office supplies or gadgets. Clips, holders or boxes are available to organize cables and keep them from becoming a tangled mess on and under your desk.


While having pictures of friends and family members or motivational posters can elevate your home office, you should utilize some of that space for planning. The wall by your desk is an excellent place to hang a calendar or to-do list to help you stay organized as you work. It’ll be easier to remember when you have a meeting or a deadline to make.

You can also use your wall space to hang a file organizer with your incoming and outgoing projects. When you finish up a project or assignment, you can put it in the outgoing file section and pick a new assignment from the incoming section. This way, you’ll be able to stay on top of your work and visually monitor your progress.


If your workspace is in a larger room, such as a living room, use room dividers to create a dedicated working area. Using room dividers allows you to:

  • Create a less distracting background: When you’re in a video call with your coworkers, you don’t want them to be distracted by your environment. A room divider allows you to present the perfect backdrop when working out of a unique space.
  • Eliminate distractions: If you have family or roommates staying with you, you might encounter distractions while you work. A room divider allows you to separate yourself from these distractions so you can delve into your work and be as productive as possible.
  • Create additional storage space: You might choose to divide your room with something more permanent rather than a foldable divider, such as a bookcase or cube divider. Use these items to store work materials, such as files or office supplies.


Wolf Home Products offers several cabinet options that will improve your home office by adding much-needed storage space and help you create a more comfortable and functional work environment. Find a dealer near you and take a closer look at our selection today!

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