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Kitchen islands are an extremely beneficial addition to any kitchen. With the endless options of colors, styles, features and designs, it can be hard to narrow down the options. So, we’ve compiled some of the best 2024 island trends to inspire you and help you along your kitchen island-buying journey. The following kitchen island trends are sure to give your kitchen a face-lift.

Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Designs

Whether you’re looking for seating or storage, a kitchen island is a great way to add extra functionality and style to your space. Why stick to just the classic island shape when there are so many new, fun options? Some of these designs may suit your kitchen and your particular needs. 


Make your island a focal point of your kitchen with a waterfall edge. A waterfall edge carries your countertop all the way down the sides of your island to the floor. Marble or other patterned countertops are a popular option for these types of islands because they allow your island to double as a functional space and as decor. In modern design, it’s all about being bold, and this kitchen island is definitely a bold statement piece.

Tiered / Seating

Do you want maximum functionality from your kitchen island? Tiered kitchen islands have a lower workspace countertop and an elevated dining and seating area. Enjoy preparing dinner while your kids do homework at the elevated countertop without interfering with the raw food you’re handling. 

Tiered kitchen islands can also maximize space in smaller kitchens. The different countertop levels give you added counter space without needing to expand on the length or width of the island. With these great benefits, it’s clear to see why tiered kitchen islands are trending among interior designers and homeowners.


If you have a larger kitchen area, an oversized island is a perfect way to make your extra space functional. Oversized kitchen islands are also great for homeowners who love to host gatherings and events. There will always be enough room to lay out food and drinks for your guests. Additionally, the bigger the island, the more features you can include, such as sinks, storage space and more.

Kitchen Island Colors

Depending on the shape and size of your kitchen, you may be limited to the type or shape of kitchen island you can incorporate. Luckily, there are other ways to customize your kitchen island, such as the color and design you choose. 

Kitchen Island Colors

Are you looking for a neutral space or something bolder? Do you want a monotone color scheme or beautifully contrasting colors? Don’t forget to put just as much thought into the base or cabinetry of your kitchen island as you do for the countertop.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your personal style. However, there are a few colors that have risen in popularity recently that you may want to consider, including:

  • Black: Black may sound like a less exciting color option, or even a scary color option, but when designed correctly, it can create a stunning, dramatic look. It’s hard to deny the beauty of an all-black kitchen island. Consider mixing textures on your island to create even more depth. Try a black, natural stone countertop and a black wood base. Take your design even further, and go for an all-black kitchen and incorporate natural wood elements for a rustic design. 
  • Green: If you’re looking for a softer kitchen design, consider mint or sage green. These popular colors give your kitchen personality without being overwhelming. Choose green cabinetry for your kitchen island for a subtle pop of color, or look for a marble countertop that includes shades of green. This is a great way to tie in green accents without committing to a fully green design. 
  • Blue: A dark blue kitchen island is a superior option for homeowners looking to add variation to their kitchen color scheme while also staying pretty neutral. With a dark blue island, you’ll add some drama and luxury to your kitchen design without having to commit to the boldness of a black kitchen island. This color pairs especially well with farmhouse-style kitchens.

Kitchen Island Features

When it comes to kitchen islands, the function is just as important as design. Check out these popular features to get the most out of your island. 

Double Sink

If you use your island for food prep and cooking, having a large sink available can make your cooking experience even better. Double sinks have emerged as a kitchen island trend because they give you two spaces to use. You can easily rinse, drain, prep and clean any food you need to while keeping the other sink open for cleaning dishes and cooking utensils.

Extra Storage

Increasingly, homeowners are seeking out kitchen islands with extra storage compartments. One or two cabinets just aren’t enough for proper storage. You can now find kitchen islands with multiple drawers, cabinets and cubbies for all your storage needs. 

Dishwasher or Mini Fridge

Kitchen islands with dishwashers continue to remain a popular option among homeowners. Again, if you use your kitchen island for cooking, it’s extremely convenient to place any dirty dishes into the dishwasher without having to move across your kitchen. 

Another popular appliance to incorporate into a kitchen island is a mini fridge. Use this fridge to store extra drinks so you can declutter and free up space in your primary fridge. Also, home bars are trending, so consider how your kitchen island could double as an at-home bar area. Your island mini fridge can keep your drinks chilled while your other bar accessories can be stored close by in your island’s cubbies or cabinets.

Shop Quality Kitchen Cabinetry 

Shop Quality Kitchen Cabinetry

Still looking for more kitchen island design inspiration? Take a look at some of our favorite ways to use Wolf Home Products cabinets with our design inspiration gallery

No matter what trend you choose to incorporate into your kitchen, you’re going to need quality products to bring your vision to life. Wolf Home Products carries a variety of kitchen cabinetry and other home products. A Wolf Home Products dealer near you is ready to help you find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen island.

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