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White-colored kitchens have dominated the scene for years since many people appreciate the brightness, clean look and neutrality.

However, grey shades have significantly spiked in popularity recently. If you aspire to create a kitchen that incorporates trendy and enduring elements, here are some prime reasons to implement grey kitchen cabinets.


Why Are Grey Kitchen Cabinets Trending?

Out of all the neutral colors, grey sticks out as a bit of a wild card. White is bright and airy, while black is sophisticated and bold.

People might sometimes associate grey with rainy days, but the truth is that it treads an appealing line between laid-back and cool. It can also bring a kitchen to a level of luxury that other schemes can’t usually achieve.

You can push your feelings one way or the other depending on the shade you choose, but grey goes beyond in the sense that it offers a tremendous contrast to the different aspects of your kitchen. When paired with various colors of countertops and flooring, you can create an engaging and cohesive ambiance.



Whether you’re remodeling your whole home or upgrading your kitchen, grey cabinets can fit any design theme and complement your current color palette. If you’re thinking about installing grey kitchen cupboards, consider how they’ll add value to your home:

They hide dirt: While white kitchens are popular, it can potentially puts dirt, fingerprints, stains and droplets on display. Grey gives your living space a clean look while making elegance.

They don’t make a room look dark: Grey is a nice balance between white and black. While black kitchen cabinets can be sophisticated and chic, they can also look dark and mysterious. If you’d prefer a different design aesthetic, you can hide the dirt in your kitchen or make a big dramatic statement with grey.

Grey is a versatile color: Grey comes in many different hues, from light to dark or green to navy. You can find the right tint to match the rest of your kitchen design.

They match various types of countertops: Grey cabinets match marble or solid surface countertops, as well as laminate or woodblock ones. Whatever your vision for your kitchen, grey cabinets are the neutral focal point that brings your kitchen design together and plays nice with statement accessories.

They have a timeless appearance: Since grey cabinetry fits many different designs, it’ll never go out of style. When modern kitchens replace traditional ones, your grey cabinets will still match without looking vintage.




As you figure out the colors for your new kitchen, follow these tips to bring the whole design together with your grey cabinets:

Choose a design theme: Grey kitchen cabinets can accommodate any design aesthetic, whether you’re designing a traditional or modern kitchen.

Brighten up a room with eye-catching lighting: If you’re going for a bright, airy look in your home, you may want to try pairing light grey cabinets with light colors. If you install dark grey kitchen cupboards, make your kitchen look more spacious with creative light fixtures.

Complete the look with contemporary hardware: Silver knobs and pulls are a classic choice for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. However, since grey matches most colors, you can be creative with your hardware. Gold and brass or matte black pair nicely with warm-toned grey kitchen cupboards.


So, you’ve decided to go for grey kitchen cabinets to add a neutral feel to your kitchen. With so many shades to pick from, it’s time to decide whether a lighter or darker shade would best suit your space. If you’re torn between choosing dark or light grey kitchen cabinets, we have a few tips that can help you pick the perfect shade for your kitchen: 

Consider the size: The size and space of your kitchen can affect the look of your grey cabinets. If your kitchen is on the smaller side or has less lighting, you may want to opt for a lighter shade of grey to help the area appear and feel bigger. A darker shade of grey is an excellent choice if you’d prefer to ground down a larger space. 

Think about your tastes: Your tastes should also factor into which shade you should choose. If you think a specific shade would be a perfect fit for your cabinets and kitchen, you should trust your instincts and go for it.

Consider the design: It’s also a great idea to consider the overall design of your kitchen and consider which shade would best compliment your appliances and accessories if you are planning on keeping them. If a matching design is essential to you, you may want to consider the shades in your kitchen and match the shade of grey accordingly. 

Considering your tastes and the size and design of your kitchen can help you narrow down your options and pick the perfect shade of grey. If you need a little more inspiration, it may be helpful to browse some online galleries for fresh ideas.



Grey pairs well with just about any color. You can select matching shades and colors to give your kitchen a cohesive and unique look:

Use a mix of colors for the decor: If you don’t want to wash your kitchen out with grey, you may want to consider using a blend of other colors to brighten up your kitchen and give it a unique style. Consider using two tones throughout your kitchen — such as a warm wood tones or statement accessories with your grey cabinets— adding a little complementary color and giving your kitchen a cohesive look. 

Add a splash of white to your countertops: If you want to add eye-popping color to your countertops, choosing white can help them to stand out and match your cabinets. You could also choose natural stones, such as marble or granite, since they often include grey undertones. 

Select lighter wall shades: To keep up with the neutral grey tones, consider selecting lighter wall colors to match your grey cabinets.

Warm up your kitchen with wood or bold colors: Grey may sometimes feel cold compared to other colors. If you want your kitchen to feel more warm and welcoming, consider painting your walls warm colors or installing warm-colored countertops. Consider using dark, rich hardwood flooring or bold colors in your design.

Use a neutral palette with bold accent colors: As a neutral color, grey allows you to use bolder colors in other parts of your design. If you have an eye-catching marble countertop or unique colors on the walls, grey can help bring the design together. It can also highlight the dramatic elements of your kitchen.

Whether you decide to incorporate a mix of colors or use similar neutral tones, there are several color and shade options for you to choose from to create the kitchen of your dreams.



Our grey kitchen cabinets run the gamut in styles, shades, stain options and technology. When discussing what you want for your home, your choices include:

Wolf Classic, Dartmouth, Grey stain: With this option, you can channel the Shaker style in a classic grey shade.

Wolf Classic, Dartmouth, Pewter paint: One of our newer paint options, Pewter channels a light yet bold look onto the popular Shaker style. This Dartmouth door is also now available with a five-piece drawer front.

Wolf Classic, York, Grey stain: We place our popular, widely accessible grey stain onto a cabinet style representing modern tastes.

Wolf Signature, Elliot, Lunar SmartShield: Embody your contemporary style with charming, dark-grey cabinets that feature our SmartShield Technology, which resists stains.

Wolf Signature, Livingston, Fossil SmartShield: If you want a contemporary style with a brighter appearance, Fossil SmartShield will deliver.

Wolf Signature, Livingston, Smoke SmartShield: If you’re searching for a finish that provides both a darker grey shade and protection from spills, then Smoke SmartShield is the perfect option for you. 

Wolf Signature, Alcott 5-piece in Lunar paint: With this option, you can add a dynamic grey shade that will provide your cabinets and kitchen with a fresh, warm and welcoming feel. 

With several shades of paint and stains to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color to match your tastes and bring a fresh look to your kitchen. 


Wolf Home Products’ valued Dealer partner can help to equip your kitchen with the best grey cabinets for your design and value needs. Contact a dealer in your area to see your options in person today.


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