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If you’re planning to remodel your home, you need products that are built to last. Wolf Home Products is proud to partner with some of the most innovative building products manufacturers to distribute their products through our independent dealers in the United States and Canada. From interior products such as Armstrong Ceilings to exterior products including Fiberon, Key-Link and Evolve Stone, Wolf has you covered.

Fiberon Decking & Railing

Wolf Home Products is proud to partner with Fiberon to distribute their decking, railing and cladding products through our independent dealers in the United States. If you haven’t seen Fiberon’s composite and PVC decking collections, you’re in for a treat. Fiberon decking collections capture the warmth and beauty of natural and exotic hardwoods, complete with subtle streaking, varied grain patterns, and rich color palettes. Have more time to do what you love on a Fiberon deck. Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without all the time and expense of maintenance.

Fiberon’s HavenView CountrySide railing is the ideal balance of beauty and strength. The sculpted top rail imparts a touch of sophistication. Choose from three color choices and two baluster infill options create multiple design options.

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Key-Link Railing

Key-Link Railing is a leading manufacturer of aluminum rail and fence systems for residential and commercial installations, crafting high-quality, simple, and easy-to-install products that both homeowners and contractors rave about.

Key-Link Railing products are designed to help homeowners create beautiful, distinctive outdoor spaces and retreats. From cable infill to aluminum balusters, Key-Link has the styles and options to inspire. All of Key-Link’s products are engineered to meet the highest standards and are backed with a strong warranty.

The American, Chesapeake, and Outlook series offer a variety of customization choices from cable rail to aluminum available in six distinct finishes.


RailFX Cable & Specialty Railing

RailFX® Aluminum Railing Systems deliver an all-in-one solution for any project. Our team of experts makes sure you are taken care of at every step. All posts are pre-drilled for cable and conceal the fittings and hardware. Stock colors ship within 3-5 days and custom colors are available upon request. Easy to trim top rail on site.

RailFX offers cable, picket and glass railing systems. At RailFX, we’re always building better ways to support you. Lean on us.

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Benjamin Obdyke Wall Systems

Benjamin Obdyke develops, sources, markets, and sells proprietary roof and wall products that improve the building envelope and the performance of other building materials for the new construction, repair, and remodel markets. Innovations from Benjamin Obdyke, such as the first roofing ridge vent on a roll, the first wood roofing underlayment, and the first rolled product to provide drainage and air flow in rainscreen wall assemblies, have helped shape today’s building practices.

Benjamin Obdyke roof material and wall system products enhance the building system to maximize the performance, durability, and value of a building’s most critical elements — its outer structure. In short, when you “build better” with Benjamin Obdyke, you build to last.

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Evolve Stone

The next evolution in decorative stone is here. Evolve Stone™ is the most innovative stone siding product to date, surpassing its predecessors in value, ease, and accessibility. Formulated from patented Evolve Material, it is the very first stone cladding that can be face nailed in the same fashion as traditional siding, reducing installation time dramatically.

Like real stone, this proprietary material holds its color throughout, so it can be cut to fit on-site while maintaining the highest appearance standards.

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With primed and ready-to-finish or prefinished options, UFP-Edge is simply the most comprehensive line of siding, pattern, and trim on the market. UFP-Edge products are manufactured near customer locations, so they don’t sit in yards or distribution centers where they can be exposed to the elements and to the wear and tear of frequent transport. UFP-Edge is a brand of UFP Retail Solutions, a business segment of UFP Industries.

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BLOCK-IT* House Wrap

Protect your structures with an affordable and strong drainage wrap. BLOCK-IT House Wrap from Kimberly-Clark provides excellent water drainage, breathability, and durability. BLOCK-IT is the perfect complement to Wolf Portrait Siding, Wolf Trim, Wolf Mouldings, and other exterior products. We are proud to offer the full lineup of BLOCK-IT building wrap products.

Available exclusively from Wolf Home Products, BLOCK-IT House Wrap features a patented water channel technology that channels over 98% of water away from the wall assembly and onto the ground.

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Armstrong Ceilings

You need ceilings that are built to last and complement the design of your home. With Armstrong Ceilings, you can get ceiling options that meet your needs, reduce noise and add to the aesthetic appeal in your space.

Ceiling options in cool metals and warm woods will bring life to your space while reducing sound. Ceilings from Armstrong are available in different options, so you can choose one that fits the rest of your home’s style.

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Deckorators Lattice

Another exterior building products option is Deckorators plastic lattice. You can add it to your outdoor space for more than just aesthetic appeal. They’ll hide your air conditioners, compost piles, and other areas of your home that you want to conceal. It’s also a way to spice up areas already outside of your home — you can use them for planters, gazebos, and more.

You can customize the product to fit your outdoor area as well. Deckorators lattice comes in multiple colors. It resists harmful UV rays to keep its color and is extremely low-maintenance.



Do you need a fast and easy way to exit your home in case of an emergency? StakWEL Window Wells are the answer. You can add these modular systems to any basement areas by stacking them to accommodate your foundation height. In the case of emergency egress, they have a unique grip/step design that will keep you safe from slipping or falling.

Another option for your basement is ScapeWEL Window Wells. These add natural light and meet your building code requirements in case you would need to exit in an emergency. You can make it your own by adding plants or flowers on the steps on the ScapeWEL Window Well. It’s available in a variety of sizes for any foundation height or window dimension. Mounding flanges allow you to attach the well directly to your foundation wall or straight to a standard window buck.



Bilco Basement Doors give you direct access to your basement while adding code-compliant living space or storage areas to your home. You can move large items — such as pool tables, couches, and more — out of your basement just by opening the wide doors. It will also protect your basement from the elements, providing weather-tight performance.

The doors also don’t require much upkeep. The Bilco Ultra Series won’t rust, rot or need a fresh coat of paint. There are also options for customization, including the ability to select interchangeable side panel inserts to add some color or air to your basement.

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Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System

Patented CAMO® deck screws create a fastener-free deck surface, securing solid or grooved deck boards directly to the joist to reduce board movement — all without pre-drilling. CAMO Edge™ and EdgeX™ install in quickly, create a seamless finish and can be used with most grooved decking.

We recommend CAMO CapStock 316SS for use with Wolf Serenity Decking & Porch and Wolf Perspective Decking. We recommend CAMO CapStock ProTech for use with Wolf Perspective Decking

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Dexerdry is the patented above floor joist flange gutter placed between deck board which prevents water and the elements from penetrating the surface of the deck. In other words, Dexerdry provides virtual dry space under any outside deck.

We recommend Dexerdry for use with Wolf Perspective Decking.

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Extreme Adhesives

PVC TrimWelder products offer a strong and durable PVC bonding solution for all building and architectural applications.

We recommend Extreme Adhesives for use with Wolf Trim, Mouldings, Decking and Portrait™ siding, these adhesive products can be painted, stained, drilled and nailed.


It’s the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock and PVC decking boards, while also providing a strong connection between the deck board and joist.

We recommend Cortex Stainless Steel for use with Wolf Serenity Decking & Porch. We recommend Cortex Hardened Steel for use with Wolf Perspective Decking and select colors of Wolf Serenity Decking.

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G-Tape features ultra-high performance in all temperatures, hand-tearable, no tools or primer needed, releases from face/face contact with no loss of adhesion. G-Tape is lighter weight than Butyl or Asphalt Flashings and repositionable. It’s high chemical and solvent resistance, and it’s self-healing technology protects galvanized metal and aluminum fasteners against corrosion.

We recommend G-Tape for use with Wolf Serenity Decking & Porch and Wolf Perspective Decking.

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Grip-Rite Ninja Clip

Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip is the preferred deck clip for grooved Wolf Serenity Decking. Installations are 31% faster with the Grip-Rite® Ninja Hidden Deck Clip! Eliminate the frustration of clips falling out of place or moving and creating unevenly spaced boards. These deck fastening systems feature compression-fit levers, which ensure everything stays in place for quick and easy installation. Add a clip to the board for each joist as you slide the deck boards into position and tighten the stainless steel screws.

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Hid-Fast Decking Tools

HID-fast and EDGE-fast decking tools use industry-standard pneumatic heads to drive specially designed fasteners into deck board edges, resulting in increased structural strength and a beautiful, hidden-fastener appearance.

We recommend HID-fast for use with Wolf Serenity Decking & Porch.

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