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AccuDock is a global leader in design and manufacturing of floating docks for all markets from residential to commercial. AccuDock fabricates their unique docks with Wolf Serenity Decking. Since our relationship began in 2015, AccuDock has outfitted their docks with over one million feet of decking! We sat down with the AccuDock Team to learn more about their process and what makes their docks stand out above the rest.

Tell us about the inception of AccuDock.

Founder, John Harrison, has been around the water his whole life and spent the 15 years prior to AccuDock managing absentee owner private yachts in South Florida. Looking for a change, and using his day-to-day experiences as motivation, he realized the need for floating work platforms. The initial thought was simple – small single floating dock sections to provide in-water maintenance on boats. John listened to customers and realized the need for alternative floating dock applications in other areas like kayaking, canoeing, and rowing. Residential projects opened the doors to commercial projects, and before long the idea of only servicing the tri-county area grew into larger international shipments. AccuDock was officially opened on April 1st, 2007.



Tell us about your team.

As a company we are most proud of the team that we have. Everyone is on the same page and no one settles with complacency, which helps us continue to improve and grow. One of our greatest accomplishments as business owners is to see employees truly happy to come to work and enjoy what they do for a living. With more than 40 employees, we’ve worked hard to build a great team and culture and we’ve made it a goal to share every success with our employees.

What is the manufacturing process?

As a family owned manufacturer, it important to us to support American made product. All raw materials are USA sourced. All AccuDock products are built in our 30,000 square feet facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. We are extremely diverse in what type of applications we can offer for our floating docks and welcome custom projects. The customization we offer provides us with a real advantage because we can provide the best solution for the customer’s needs instead of just a solution. Our focus is always customer satisfaction.

Where do you ship your custom docks to?

We ship our docks all over the world. There are AccuDock’s in South Korea, Japan, Bimini and Rio de Janeiro to name a few.

We see all these amazing residential docks; do you also get involved with commercial projects?

Yes, we have an extensive product line from residential to full marinas. On the commercial side, we support projects such as floating scaffolding work platforms, heavy equipment floating capabilities, aluminum gangways and ramps, floating pump supports, energy plant floating platforms. We have a full line of products for camps and parks such as ADA compliant kayaking docks and summer camp floating docks in addition to our rowing product line.



What makes your docks special?

Customization makes our docks special. We can custom build any dock or gangway to the customers’ needs or requests, regardless of shape or size, we will make it happen.



Why is Wolf Serenity decking your premiere decking choice?

Wolf Serenity Decking is impervious to water and aesthetically pleasing. It offers our customers a no maintenance solution for every climate, budget, and design.

What are the most popular decking colors?

The most popular decking colors on our AccuDocks are Silver Teak, Driftwood Grey and Harbor Grey.

Do you have standard styles of docks or are they mostly custom?

There are stock items that are readily available such as our work floats and low-profile docks. We also have a variety of kayak and paddle sport packages that are very popular. However, the majority of our residential and commercial projects require custom specifications to meet the customer’s needs.

How long do AccuDock’s last?

AccuDock’s are designed, built, and installed with longevity in mind. All marine applications are harsh, but the AccuDock design takes weather into consideration. You can rest assured that your AccuDock should last up to 20 years or more.



What is the most unique project you’ve worked on?

Over the years we have done many unique projects. One project that surely provide us with a major sense of accomplishment was the rowing start docks we designed and manufactured for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games that were held in Rio de Janeiro.

What’s next for AccuDock?

We’re always coming up with new and creative design ideas for projects. We look forward to continuing to build our team and expanding our product line.

For more information visit the AccuDock website and follow them on Instagram @accu_dock

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