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When you use the right materials and design, a deck creates an attractive outdoor space that matches the look and style of your home. But why stop there? If you’re planning to add a deck to your home, consider incorporating custom patterns into your design. Using a single color deck board or several colors combined, you can create patterns that add striking appeal both you and your guests can enjoy — and your neighbors can envy.


From the angle of your deck boards to an inlay design, a custom pattern adds visual appeal to your home and makes an excellent conversation starter. With modern High-Density Cellular™ Technology, or sustainable composite deck boards, it’s easy to get creative with a variety of complementary colors ready for installation. The sky is the limit, and for a little inspiration, here are some of the custom deck pattern ideas trending for 2020.




*Design by Windeck Ltd

Basketweave patterns create identical squares across the surface of the deck, using alternating parallel and perpendicular designs. These patterns look great with a single color deck board throughout or multi-colored deck boards at random or regular intervals. If you want to take it a step further, add borders for each square into your design. 



*Design by Windeck Ltd

Eternal knot designs give the eye something interesting to follow, using different color boards lighter or darker than the rest of the deck. For this pattern, expert installation and design come together to create knotted designs, with boards laid to look as if bound together. These designs can be as simple or as intricate as you like, installed as standalone designs or as part of a border. 



*Design by Windeck Ltd

Give your deck a sense of direction with a compass pattern. These designs resemble those on maps or nautical charts but with your own creative spin. Install a compass pointed at the four cardinal directions, a multicolor compass rose or any custom interpretation you’d like. 



*Design by Windeck Ltd

Geometric patterns add a touch of sophistication to a deck or porch, with sizes and shapes built to your design. Add a single design or several running the length of your porch. Geometric patterns can be intricate, bold, minimalist or any style you like. 



*Design by Windeck Ltd

A custom pattern adds an extra “wow” factor to any deck, and you can match yours with the look and personality of your home. Custom designs work best when built in the right sizes and placed in the right spots to achieve balance and flow. The most successful patterns complement the architecture of the deck or porch area. 


The best time to install a custom pattern is when building a new deck. Contact a Wolf Home Products dealer to view several styles of deck boards in a range of attractive colors to match any home exterior. For help developing your design and installing your custom deck, access the Wolf PRO network to find a certified Wolf PRO near you who is familiar with our products. 


Photo Credit: Special thanks to @windeckltd for the photos shared in this blog!

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