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Your deck is a big part of your home’s visual appeal. Why limit yourself to a narrow range of colors and stains when renovating? There are no rules that a deck must be a specific color. In fact, a unique color can be a great way to set your home apart from the neighbors.

That being said, there are some practical considerations when choosing a deck color. Darker tones will absorb more heat, though selectively placed umbrellas and rugs can mitigate that effect. Lighter tones, on the other hand, can get dirty faster and require regular cleaning.

Here are some stylish deck color schemes that creative homeowners are incorporating into their properties.


If you’re building a new deck, consider selecting a composite material. Composite and PVC decking materials are becoming increasingly popular over traditional wood. There are many benefits of composite decking, including the fact you’ll eliminate the need to paint or stain your deck.

Some things to consider when choosing a color include:

  • Your home’s exterior. Of course, you want your deck and your home to match. This doesn’t mean both have to be the same color, however. Consider using a contrasting tone that will catch the eye without conflicting with your home.
  • Wear and tear. Different colors wear differently. For reasons noted above, a light-colored deck may not be the best choice for a high-traffic area. Consider something darker, such as a red or brown, that will disguise the dirt, grime and scuffs that inevitably accumulate over time.
  • Materials. Your choice of decking material will play a role in narrowing down your deck stain and color options. If you’re paying more for a cedar, teak or hardwood deck, chances are you want to choose a finish that will highlight its natural beauty. Alternately, economical composite products open the door to a broader range of design possibilities and eliminate the hassle of deck staining.

Be sure to view a sample of any decking product in-person, before deciding on a deck color.


Some popular deck colors to consider when choosing decking include:

  • Black Walnut: Darker colors such as Black Walnut make a strong statement without contrasting with your existing exterior decor. Black Walnut can also be used as a border with a lighter-color to create a unique deck design.
  • Driftwood Grey: The washed-out look of Driftwood Grey conjures up images of seaside retreats — no matter where you are in the country. Pair it with gentle pastels and other colors for a light, airy look.
  • Redwood: Earthy red-brown decking mimics the look of genuine redwood at a fraction of the price. Redwood decking is a natural complement to brick exteriors, one that looks particularly rich when fall foliage is at its peak.
  • Willow: Taupe-colored willow decking is a clean, neutral palette perfect for jazzing up with bright furniture or other accessories. Taupe decking is fuss-free and easily hides dirt and scratches.

The above deck colors are just a few of the choices we offer in our Wolf Serenity™ and Wolf Perspective™ composite decking products. Stop by your local dealer to check out these great colors in-person or find a Wolf PRO to install your next deck.

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