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Sean McAleer is the President of Deck Remodelers. He’s mastered the craft of deck building with extraordinary deck designs for over 12 years. Known for his curved designs and unique outdoor spaces, Sean has been a Wolf PRO since the program first began in 2013. Through Sean’s leadership and focus on creating outdoor destinations in his customer’s backyards, Deck Remodelers has soared to one of the most popular outdoor living specialists on the east coast. Deck Remodelers has rightfully earned a reputation as design and installation experts in the industry with out-of-the-ordinary designs and living spaces that are beautiful and personally created to every customer.

When did you start your business and what drove you to starting it? How long have you been in business?

I am a third-generation carpenter, so I have been building since as long as I can remember. I’ve been working for myself for 30 years. Deck Remodelers was started in 2008. Back then, I was doing production work, which led me to be more of a manager than a designer. In 2009, I had the opportunity to build for a client that wanted something exceptional. Once I finished that project, I knew I was done with production work and I wanted to focus on design and high-end finishes. Luckily, the industry was beginning to change, bringing better materials to market. Before that, building decks was like painting with two or three colors. Now there is a full palette of paint (materials) to work with – which was the inspiration I needed to follow my dream.


How has outdoor living changed in the past 10 years?

Outdoor living is no longer an afterthought for most people when thinking about their home. There’s a huge focus on the space outside and how to maximize it for your own personal needs and desires. Additionally, decking materials are light years ahead of where they used to be. The projects we are building now last as long as the house does.

What are the most popular outdoor living trends you are seeing today?

The possibilities are endless, but I would say the most popular decking and porch trends right now are covered outdoor spaces and multiple fire features.

What is the design process like from start to finish? And what are the fundamental principles behind your designs?

Our design process is to look at how our customers want to live outside and how they want to use the space and what opportunities do we have with the architecture of the house, the view, etc, to maximize and enhance the best characteristics of the property.

What projects are you currently working on?

A couple cool ones we are working on now have multiple elevations on the deck that lead to different vignettes (ie dining, lounge, cooking) all tied together visually and flow seamlessly from one to the other.

What is the largest deck you’re ever worked on?

3,000 square feet



Tell us about your team.

My team is what I’m most proud of. Winning all our awards has been easy compared to building the perfect team. The people on my team see my vision and are all-in on creating the best possible experience and finished product for our clients. We have a full design staff that works with our clients on all the final details. Our fantastic production team manages the project from start to finish. And, of course, we would be nothing without our skilled craftsmen, who execute the amazing details. From the first phone call to our customer care, to the design concept, all the way through the management of the product and building of the finished product, my team is exceptional.

Who is the main point of contact for the homeowner throughout the project?

We use a team approach: there are multiple points of contact, with production and design being the main points of contact.

What are homeowners most asked questions and concerns?

There are a few things that homeowners consistently ask. On timing, customers want to know the longevity of materials, and how long it will take to build. On pricing, they want to discuss their investment – our decks are investment pieces that appreciate over time, along with their property. As far as questions on building the project, they want to ensure that the scale and style maintains the architectural integrity of the home.

What are most popular decking color combinations with your clients?

Wolf Silver Teak and Onyx – everyone loves it.


What are your favorite materials to work with and why?

Our “go to” is PVC decking. The finish is more upscale with PVC decking, and that is what our clients are looking for. In addition, with PVC decking we have fastening methods that don’t work with other materials.

When it comes to bending and curving decking, what is your process?

It’s a painstaking process that takes a lot of time and accuracy. We have systems we have developed to keep costs down. We are one of the original builders that pioneered working with curves at scale, as far back as 2010. One of our first national award winners was a multi-curved deck with curved stairs. We love working with curves.


How long do your decks last and what kind of warranties can the homeowner expect?

We have decks that are 15 years old that look brand new. We give our clients an extended bumper to bumper warranty along with our Wolf PRO extended labor warranty and Wolf Serenity Decking 50-year Stain and Fade Warranty.

In your opinion, what makes Deck Remodelers stand out above the rest?

Our ability to design and build large-scale and complex projects, hitting all the marks. We believe in top-level design and construction with the best materials on the market paired with full service end-to-end management.

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