April 10, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

Minimalist design is a popular choice in kitchens, one that has a functional benefit as well as an aesthetic one. A smart, uncluttered space is easier to navigate, making minimalist design an excellent option for anyone who likes to cook without distraction.

Minimalism means many things to different people — as a result, renovating a minimalist kitchen can involve opting for more straightforward designs and monochromatic colors, or committing to austerity in every aspect of the room. Here are some ways to incorporate minimalist design in various parts of your kitchen:

Floor plans: Nothing’s more minimalist than open concept design. Keeping your kitchen’s floor plan as uncluttered as possible gives you room to maneuver — it’s also a great way to make a small room seem bigger. One option is to place an island with bar seating at the edge of the room, creating a divider while leaving the bulk of the space open. 

Walls and surfaces: White — or another monochromatic neutral — is the obvious choice for a minimalist kitchen design. Simple patterns or tiles can create visual interest while maintaining a streamlined look. 

Accents: Minimalist doesn’t have to mean using the same color or material throughout. Wood or granite accent pieces — tables, chairs or built-in cutting boards, for example — introduce a natural element that adds warmth. Alternately, consider using a judicious splash of color to break up the monotony of an all-white room. 

Cabinets: Cabinets are an essential part of a minimalist kitchen — one of the few places where more is more. Ensuring you have adequate storage will help keep your space uncluttered. Beyond their functional requirements, cabinets also present a design opportunity. Consider using a slab door style without handles, and mixing up shapes and sizes to create visual interest while keeping the room spare. 

Ceilings and floors: Ceilings and floors often match the walls in a minimalist design. However, they can also be a great way to introduce new elements that will add character. Subtly textured, natural materials like bamboo are ideal. Alternately, consider an exposed ductwork ceiling or concrete floor for an industrial chic look. 

Appliances and fixtures: The key when choosing appliances for a minimalist kitchen is to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Fortunately, there are many minimalist ovens, fridges and dishwashers on the market today. Alternately, consider hiding them behind cabinetry. When it comes to faucets and other fixtures, sculptural chrome is a kitchen design trend can add visual interest.

Ultimately, the goal of a minimalist kitchen is to be sleek but functional, and never boring. The key to this is using quality materials and carefully chosen accents. Wolf Home Products carries a variety of minimalist cabinetry. Our products are on-trend and built to last. Find a dealer near you for help putting together a complete package for your upcoming renovation.


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