April 11, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

Is it time to replace the outdated siding on your home? Siding not only improves the exterior look of your home but also helps to increase the home’s value. It’s important to remember that as with most things, not all siding is created equal. What sets Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding apart and puts it on the cutting edge of the industry?



Wolf Portrait High-Density Cellular Siding focuses on the little details, allowing it to replicate the detail and shadowing of natural painted wood with Wolf’s unique PureGrain™ texture. This authentic high-definition woodgrain texture is available in two styles: Silhouette Collection (Lap 7″) and Vignette Collection (Double 4″). The Silhouette Collection uses long horizontal planks to create a modern look, while the Vignette Collection uses overlapping vinyl boards to create a more traditional one.

Each collection is available in a variety of in-demand colors to fit any home aesthetic. Each color features ColorWatch100™, which uses 100% ASA capstock to prevent the color from fading over time. Whether you want a neutral color like Oyster White or Morning Mist or a rich color like Graphite or Sandstone, Wolf Portrait Siding has you covered.

Wolf Portrait Siding also features SatinWall™, a uniform satin-luster eggshell finish that looks great up close or far away. Its gentle sheen is engineered to be simply beautiful.


Not only is Wolf Portrait Siding good-looking, it’s also extremely strong. This durable siding is constructed with a high-density cellular structure that has four times the flex strength of fiber cement and is four times thicker than traditional hollow veneer siding.

This siding is also more water-resistant than traditional wood siding. It’s designed to absorb less than one half of a percent of its weight in water, which, over its lifetime, will prevent mold and mildew and keep the panels from swelling and cracking. Additionally, Wolf Portrait Siding is free from lead and silica, making it better for your family and the environment.


Sidingis only useful for protecting the exterior of your house if it’s installed correctly. Wolf Portrait High-Density Cellular Siding uses a variety of different techniques to ensure the perfect fit, regardless of the shape or size of your house. BLOCK-IT* House Wrap helps improve your home’s energy efficiency and moisture-protection while offering UV protection. The siding panels themselves are designed with a patented InfinitySeam™ Technology that ensures the boards fit together to provide a clean, flawless look. A unique adhesive chemically bonds to the siding and fastener plate, allowing for a faster installation and stronger performance.

To bring the look together, select from customizable trim options. In addition to making your home look finished, trim allows the siding to expand and contract due to temperature changes.

Wolf Portrait Siding utilizes four specific products that combine to make one extraordinary protective wall system: BLOCK-IT* house wrap for superior drainage and energy-efficiency; Infinity-Seam™ plates for a precision fit between boards and a clean, flawless look; a unique adhesive chemically bonds to the siding and fastener plate for strength and durability; customizable trim options that allow the siding to expand and contract as temperatures change

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