Upgrade Your Home with Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding

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First impressions matter. From job interviews to first dates, we all care about presenting ourselves to others in the best possible manner. It's no surprise that the same desire extends to our homes, where curb appeal can play a huge role.

The exterior of a house can be comprised of several visually attractive materials, including wood, brick, and stone. However, all those materials require routine maintenance to keep their best appearance, which can be tiring. If you want a solution that's beautiful, cost-efficient and low-maintenance, Wolf's new siding collection, Wolf Portrait High-Density Cellular Siding offers a new evolution in housing exteriors.

How Does Wolf Portrait Siding Improve Your Home's Appearance?

Perspective Terrace in PumiceFor many people, nothing beats the classic paneled look of a wooden house. It's simple, easy on the eyes, and customizable to your liking. Over time, though, people have grown dissatisfied with wood's long-term durability and its subsequent effects on a home's appearance. Swelling, rotting, bowing, and peeling are just some of the issues people frequently experience, which can significantly dampen your home's overall look.

To combat some of these issues, Wolf Home Products has developed a new siding category that transforms the time-tested performance of high-density cellular decking into a unique, beautiful and ultra-durable siding. Wolf Portrait Siding is engineered to replicate the beauty of natural wood without its inherent maintenance and features an authentic high-definition woodgrain texture that creates stunning detail and the subtle shadowing of painted wood.

Our new durable siding option will maintain its visual appeal for as long as you own your home. We've taken every step to address all possible concerns, including how you customize your home's appearance:

  • Collections: Choose between our Silhouette and Vignette collections. The Silhouette option consists of 7-inch lap siding, which is one of the most popular styles in many markets. The Vignette option features 4-inch double siding, which is meant to simulate two smaller planks overlapping one another.
  • SELECTPALETTE™: We carry a range of the most popular colors available today. Each color gives your home the rich, natural look of expensive wood siding - but is made to last.
  • SATINWALL™: Various materials can appear drastically different depending on assorted weather conditions. From blazing sunlight to cloudy days, the best outdoor siding should maintain the ideal level of gloss, which is why we've implemented our SatinWall technology. With this advancement, all our Portrait Siding features a uniform, satin-luster eggshell finish.
What Technology Do We Use to Improve Durability?

Wolf Portrait Siding SandstoneWe originally revolutionized decking materials with a wide assortment of cutting-edge advancements, which created a beautiful product that stood the test of time. Continuing our innovative product tradition, we applied the same research and development to our new siding product. Wolf Portrait Siding is more than four times thicker than hollow veneer siding, and its flexing strength is more than four times greater than fiber cement.

We've utilized an assortment of technologies to create a product that keeps the exterior of your home pristine:

  • ENDURADRY™: Over time, your home will likely endure its fair share of precipitation. Moisture retention can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew, and it can also cause splitting and swelling with repeated cycles of freezing and thawing. Our product is more resistant than the average wood plank, as its high-density cellular structure will keep the material's integrity uncompromised.
  • COLORWATCH100™: You don't want to invest in new siding only to see its colors fade a few years down the road. We use 100 percent ASA capstock to preserve your siding, since it gives superior UV and harsh-climate protection.
  • EXACTINSTALLOur siding installation utilizes four specific products that combine to make one extraordinarily protective and beautifully long-lasting residential wall system, including BLOCK-IT* house wrap that provides superior drainage and UV protection while reducing heating and cooling bills.
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