5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cabinet Door Style

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There's more to think about than just how your cabinets will look. It's easy to fall in love with a cabinet door style as you browse, but before you've purchased and begun installing cabinet doors, it's crucial to work through the particulars. Your cabinets should fit well in your space, allow you to maximize their use and fit the aesthetic you've created. Consider these five questions before making any purchases, and if you're unsure, always get a professional involved.

Where Will the Cabinets Go?

Before choosing your door style, consider the cabinet's location. Picture the cabinets in their new location in your kitchen, and think about what other furniture pieces might be around them. You want to choose a cabinet door style that won't clash with the rest of your space. Decide if you want decorative edges or a more clean and simple style.

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How Easy Is Cleaning?

Cleanliness is king! Before ordering your cabinet doors, consider how thoroughly and conveniently you can give them a regular scrub. You don't want to do acrobatics on your kitchen floor or countertops just to get in a position to clean. Think about how you'll get to all areas of the cabinet or how much space you'll have to clean with. Of course, you'll also want to consider whether you're purchasing a material you can scrub without leaving stains or water damage. For example, in a busy kitchen you might consider Wolf Signature™ cabinets with SmartShield™ technology - a proprietary laminate finish that offers superior protection against spills, bumps and other nuisances.

What Is Your Kitchen Cabinet Style Preference?

While the practical details are important, you shouldn't ignore aesthetic. Take your time to research a wide array of kitchen cabinet styles. There are countless options available — think about which style and look fits the rest of your kitchen seamlessly. While you want your cabinets to impress, you don't want them to stick out like a sore thumb.

What Color Scheme Will the Cabinets Pair With?

While you're considering the visual element of your cabinet doors, think about the color scheme you want. Cabinets can come in a variety of wood grains from a dark brown-black to light brown wood. You can also opt to paint your cabinets any color under the sun. Before purchasing, think about the color scheme that will work best for your kitchen and whether you want your cabinets to blend into the background or provide a bright signature statement.

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How Much Space Do You Have?

If you daydream of a bigger kitchen, you may be surprised to learn how much cabinets can help you maximize your space. Choose the right size, style and door to capitalize on your available storage space. This could include pullout shelves, wine racks, dividers for your baking utensils and trays and much more. Measure how much space you have — and how much extra storage you want — and factor this in when choosing your cabinet door style.

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