How to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

BY Wolf Home Products |

Wolf Endurance Cabinets & Sandcastle DeckingAh, the great outdoors. A yard or patio gives homeowners the space to barbecue, relax and grab a good book. They also don't require too much yard space. Small outdoor spaces can still deliver big style and huge fun. All it takes are a few smart tiny outdoor space ideas to transform any patio, yard or deck.                                 

Features for an amazing small patio can include:

  • Chairs: Seating doesn’t have to be a huge outdoor sofa to be comfortable. Cozy chairs are an inviting space to relax where you’re working with a small footprint. You can add style with an accent pillow or a bunch for a pop of color and greater comfort. Another option is a built-in bench for seating or a fold-up bench to offer moving room.
  • Lighting: Light up evening nights and make small areas look larger. Beautiful lighting adds visual interest and reduces dark spots, which can make a space appear smaller. Wolf Home Products has a selection of outdoor lighting to work with any patio or back yard, including post cap lights, under-rail lights and stair lights which do not take up any additional room on your patio.
  • Store smart: Storage is a big issue on decks and patios which aren’t the size of a football field. Let’s face it: everyone could use more storage space. It’s especially true for smaller spaces, where any clutter can suddenly shrink the room available. With outdoor cabinets from Wolf Home Products, it’s possible to store a barbecue with all the barbecue implements, a favorite blanket and everything else needed for a relaxing evening at home. You can store everything until you need it, creating more space while still allowing easy access to everything you need. These cabinets have a powder-coated finish and sealing to keep the interior dry, no matter the weather.
  • Color: In situations where you don’t have tons of space to show off brilliant style, pops of color blaze to the rescue! Whether it’s a rug or grass or a bright coat of paint, color adds dash without elbowing anyone off the patio.
  • Think vertical: Sure, there may not be tons of space horizontally, but look up and the sky is the limit! Draw eyes upwards with stripes, bold colors, curtains or amazing lighting to expand the look of the patio, deck or garden.
  • Furniture that does double duty: Amazing small patios with plenty of elbow room have a secret — they have furniture serving more than one purpose. Whether it’s outdoor cabinets serving as a table or bar or an ottoman offering storage room, look for pieces to pull their weight.

You don’t have to start buying more property to make a patio or yard beautiful. Good things come in small packages — and with a few tweaks you can turn a tiny outdoor spot into a big, bold style statement. Check out outdoor cabinets and lighting from Wolf Home Products to start transforming your outdoor space.