April 10, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

That scent in the air is pure football. When the day of the big game arrives, you’re like a coach, making sure everything is set to go for the big event. Your field? The kitchen.

Most of the best stuff on the day of the game happens in the kitchen. It’s where drinks are made, where food gets prepared and where everyone congregates to discuss plays, the fantasy football league and the calls of the last quarter.

It’s time to make sure your kitchen has its game face on.




Clean: Having a bunch of friends over will likely mean spills, crumbs and messes, so make sure you clean before they get there. A day or two ahead of touchdown, fire up your dishwasher to clean your pots and plates and then clean all surfaces. Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets, too. It’s a chance to make sure you have everything you need and lets you create a shopping list to get every ingredient fresh. If you’re grilling, make sure your outdoor deck area is swept, lit up and ready to go.

Decorate: Field green is always appropriate for your game day decor, so go ahead and set out coasters and plates with football themes. Football-shaped throw pillows and black-and-white ref stripes also look great. Big banners for your favorite team are perfect to decorate the walls, too.

Prep: You don’t want to miss any of the action, so do as much prep as you can the day before. Layered dips and most appetizers can be made ahead of time, and you can marinate steaks and season wings. Chop up veggies and cheese and put drinks on ice. When the game’s about to start, you shouldn’t have to do much more than throw some food on a barbecue or in the oven.

Create a space to hang out: Eventually, at least a few people end up in the kitchen. Everyone loves to be where the food is, so set up a space that lets people sit down or hang out without bumping into you as you cook. Consider setting up an area on a table with drinks and some snacks so people can munch and talk without disrupting your vibe.

Set up: Someone is inevitably going to wander into your kitchen to get a bottle opener, extra napkins or something else. Consider what everyone might need and set it up by the TV or in a separate part of the kitchen. That way, guests aren’t underfoot when you’re trying to prepare food.

Is your kitchen not ready for the pro leagues? Visit a Wolf Home Products® dealer near you to find out how our cabinetry and kitchens can help you entertain and make food in style. Our designs can help you transform your kitchen into a space that’s worthy of celebration, with quality details meant to help you get in touch with your inner foodie.

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