How to Get A Custom-Look Kitchen Using Stock Cabinets

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Wondering how to get a custom-look kitchen using stock cabinets? Check out our tips for choosing the right style, color, details and storage solutions to create your dream kitchen. 

How to Get A Custom Look Kitchen Using Stock Cabinets Infographic

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How to Get a Custom-Look Kitchen Using Stock Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and the cabinets are one of its most noticeable features. Moreover, well-designed cabinets can have a positive effect on your daily life. Of people who have remodeled their cabinets, 41% said they cook more at home and 33% said they have a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to getting a custom look, consider these tips for making stock cabinetry work in your kitchen.

1. Select Your Style

Cabinet style is often overlooked, but it plays a big role in the feel of a kitchen. From overlays and center panels to inlays and other design details, there are many options for customizing the appearance of your cabinetry. And with Wolf Classic cabinets, you can go for a traditional style, an ornate look or anything in between.

2. Select Your Color

There are all kinds of color options you can pick for your cabinets, and selecting the right one will set the right tone for your kitchen. For a traditional feel, consider whites and creams. Bright colors will work best with a more modern design. Also, consider the size of your kitchen. Brighter-colored cabinets can help a room feel more open, while darker cabinets can make a space feel smaller — something you want to avoid if your kitchen is already on the small side.

It can also be beneficial to think about what colors potential home buyers might be most attracted to. The national average return on investment for a minor kitchen remodel is 81%, so while you might not be looking to sell your home right now, it could pay off down the line to keep the color factor in mind.

3. Pick the Details

While Wolf cabinets are beautiful on their own, you can also consider adding decorative details to make them unique to your kitchen and coordinate with your decor theme. Choose from decorative feet, mouldings and decorative panels.

4. Add Storage Solutions

While the exterior features of your cabinets are important, the interior features also help create a custom look. The primary use of your cabinets will be for storage, so maximizing that functionality will also help give them a design that is unique to your lifestyle. One of the top three reasons to add built-in storage is to make better use of space, and Wolf Classic cabinets offers solutions to do just that:

  • •Do your pots and pans tend to pile up in your cabinets? Wolf Classic cabinet organizers can be used to store them more easily. They fit right into your cabinets and are a neutral color to match any kitchen style.
  • •One of the most popular kitchen storage upgrades in 2017 was the pullout waste container. Wolf offers single and double options to help keep your trash and recycling out of sight, as well as a soft-close feature.
  • •Wolf inserts can also keep your spices, cutlery, and K-cups organized. These inserts are designed to match the home and are cut to fit your drawers.

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