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You’ve seen it in magazines and on almost every home renovation show — the farmhouse kitchen. With its vintage elements, cozy feel and versatile style, it’s the perfect fit for any taste. If you like the look but aren’t sure how to recreate it in your own home, we’re here to help. We’ll let you know how to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen for your home.

From farmhouse style cabinets to overall farmhouse kitchen design elements, there’s a lot that goes into this rustic style. You can even create a modern farmhouse kitchen to mix the old with the new. The farmhouse kitchen is a more flexible style than you may think — it all depends on what you use to create it.


From decor to appliances and furniture, what you use to create your farmhouse kitchen has no limit. Let your personality and style shine through as you piece together your farmhouse kitchen design, and remember to use some of these more significant elements:

  1. A farmhouse sink: A farmhouse style kitchen is incomplete without a sink to match. A farmhouse sink, also called an apron-front sink, is usually larger than a standard sink. As the apron-front name implies, it appears to drape over your cabinets for a bold look. These sinks are often made of white porcelain, but you can find ones in different varieties to suit your style, like dark or metal versions. Whatever color you choose, you can’t go wrong with this sink in your farmhouse kitchen design.
  2. Hardwood floors: If you’re looking for a reason to extend beautiful hardwood into your kitchen, a farmhouse design is a perfect excuse. Traditional farmhouse kitchens typically don’t use tile or other types of flooring you may find in different kitchen styles. Opt for hardwood floors for a cozy and natural feeling.
  3. Wood countertops: Carry the natural look of hardwood floors up to your countertops. You can use a butcher block counter on one area, like an island, to add variety and function to your counters all while fitting your theme.
  4. Exposed beams: Mirror the flooring with wooden beams if your ceiling allows for them. This design feature evokes an actual farmhouse and will add to the rustic look of your room in addition to creating interest. Use unfinished wood for a rustic and natural look or something more polished for a modern farmhouse kitchen.
  5. Soft colors: Cream-color cabinets, walls and other accents balance the darker tones you’ll find in all the natural wood elements. While you can choose any color that suits your taste for your farmhouse kitchen, cream and white cabinets are the most common. It brightens up the space without feeling too modern, and it makes the room feel cozy yet open.
  6. Long table: In a traditional farmhouse kitchen, honor the tradition of gathering together for a big meal. If you entertain often or have a big family, a large farmhouse table is a perfect fit for your kitchen. You can use natural wood elements again here or get creative with other materials that suit your style.
  7. Shiplap and panels: Mimic the lines of your hardwood floors with shiplap and panels.Enhance your farmhouse kitchen design with a classic element that’s gained popularity in homes and kitchens over the years. Integrate these features on cabinet doors, the sides of islands and cabinets or your walls.
  8. Subway tile backsplash: Continue the lines of your shiplap and wood floors with subway tile. Use white for a traditional look or black for a chic and modern twist. You can carry subway tile backsplash up to the ceiling if you have open shelves for a striking look.

  1. Pendant lights: Light up your farmhouse kitchen, and let your style shine through. Choose hanging pendant lights in darker metal tones to add rustic touches. If you’re going for a modern farmhouse kitchen, your kitchen lighting is the perfect place to enhance that look with sleek lines.

Choosing these more significant elements will help create the base for your farmhouse kitchen, but adding small decor throughout the space will bring it to life. Once your farmhouse kitchen is complete, enhance it with details like:

  • Mason jars or glass milk bottles
  • Woven baskets
  • Wooden crates
  • A chalkboard
  • Soft-color window treatments
  • Utensil crocks with a homemade feel

As you decorate your kitchen, let your personality come through. You can easily change or remove these smaller decorations later if you want to switch up your style. Take your time to curate these pieces, as well. Search flea markets and antique shops for truly vintage pieces that will add unique details to your kitchen. Find the perfect balance between an eclectic collection and a cohesive finished product.

In your accessory search, think about what materials and palettes will work best in your farmhouse kitchen, whether it’s modern or traditional. While we touched on some common colors and materials of farmhouse kitchen design elements, it will be helpful to know all of your options.


You can tell at this point that traditional farmhouse kitchens feature white or cream and natural wood. Depending on your style, you can change up the usual design to create a unique farmhouse kitchen. Some colors you may consider using in your room include:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Navy blue
  • Grey
  • Olive green

The list above doesn’t include all of your options. Experiment with different color schemes until you find one that suits your taste and the style of farmhouse kitchen you’d like. Different undertones especially fit with different tastes and styles of farmhouse kitchen designs. Grey or cool-tones make a modern- or French-style farmhouse kitchen stand out while rich, warm tones make a cozy and rustic room. Mix different hues throughout your kitchen to strike the perfect balance.

As you plan your color palette, think about what other colors come in through different materials. You can match these to your main colors or mix it up for an eclectic farmhouse style. No matter how you integrate them, use these materials, textures and patterns in elements of your farmhouse kitchen to emphasize the look:

  • Wicker or rattan
  • Galvanized metal
  • Copper, gold or a mix of metals
  • Warm wood tones
  • Unfinished or reclaimed wood
  • Distressed paint or wood
  • Plaid or gingham
  • Lace and delicate fabric
  • Floral or other classic patterns

Bring these elements in with different pieces. Incorporate the fabric on window treatments, cushions or tablecloths and runners. Add woven or metal containers that combine function with style — a smart move for any kitchen, and an especially popular one for a farmhouse design. Use these aesthetic storage solutions on open shelves or free counter space to make your kitchen feel lived in and cozy.

While some materials are standard in any type of farmhouse kitchen, certain ones lean your style to either the more modern or traditional side. Incorporate the above farmhouse kitchen design elements to make these styles:

  1. Traditional farmhouse kitchens: The more distressed or unfinished materials you use, the more rustic your kitchen will look. Gingham and floral patterns also provide a traditional vibe. Use elements like those sparingly if you’re trying for an updated version of farmhouse style.
  2. A modern twist: For a modern farmhouse kitchen, combine sleek and metallic elements with your rustic decor. Choose black for some prominent features, like an open-shelf pantry, to create a modern and chic farmhouse style. Use more metal throughout your design and opt for solid-color fabrics instead of vintage patterns.
  3. A French-style farmhouse: If you prefer the rustic look but want something a bit different than the norm, consider French-style. A French-style farmhouse kitchen includes curves on cabinets and trims as well as soft blue elements.

No matter what type of farmhouse kitchen design you choose, try not to overwhelm your room with color. Stick to neutrals and add one accent color, usually blue or green. Use the cabinets to bring in this pop of color. Along with the hue of your cabinets, you also have a lot of options when it comes to their style.


Depending on the size of your kitchen, cabinets may take up most of the space. Use them as a large canvas to emphasize the farmhouse style. Cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen are commonly made of wood and painted white to reflect other colors and materials in the room. However, the color and style are flexible.

Check out your options and see what fits your design and personal taste. When it comes to the type of cabinets to choose, consider:

  1. Clean, straight lines: A modern farmhouse kitchen benefits from clean lines. Choose either cabinets with a smooth front or a bit of framed detail as you design something more contemporary. Install white or grey cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen to add a pop of modern flair.
  2. Curves and intricate details: For a rustic or French farmhouse style, select cabinets with curved features. Add corbels, legs or feet and other sculpted details to achieve this look in addition to selecting cabinets with curved panels.
  3. Paneled cabinets: Also called bead board, these cabinets evoke a cottage-aesthetic. If you’re going for a vintage farmhouse kitchen, panels can help you add that level of charm. You can also find cabinets with an entirely paneled face in contrast to inlaid bead board for a sleek yet classic look.
  4. Shaker cabinets: This variety features a recessed panel in the center. Shaker cabinets have more detail than a flat surface while still looking clean. Make this versatile option modern or classic depending on the hardware and other accents you use in your farmhouse kitchen.

  1. Beveled edges: For a sophisticated trim, choose angled edges with more detail. You’ll find cabinets like these in classic and French farmhouse kitchens because of the elegant and traditional curves in the design. Their added detail makes them an excellent option for those looking to put their cabinets in the spotlight.
  2. Glass doors: Panels of glass on upper cabinets show off what’s on your shelves in a sleek yet charming way. Give your farmhouse kitchen a sophisticated and open feel with a few upper cabinets that feature these doors.
  3. A mix of styles: Mix curved lines up top with straight ones on the bottom for visual interest. You can make this mix of designs match any farmhouse style kitchen depending on how you accent them and other features. Putting different pieces together and using a variety of accents gives you a unique farmhouse kitchen design.

Explore your cabinetry options until you find what’s best for you and your farmhouse kitchen. When you choose cabinets for farmhouse or any style of kitchen, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think about how much space you’ll dedicate to cabinetry
  • Decide if you want open shelving or all closed cabinets
  • Evaluate how you’ll use each section of cabinets
  • Choose cabinets that will work for you and keep you organized
  • Use corner space efficiently with specialized cabinetry
  • Look for soft-close drawers and hinges to reduce wear
  • Consider how you’d use the area above cabinets if they don’t go to the ceiling
  • Decide if you want the same finish or different colors on upper and lower cabinets


The right cabinets can complete your perfect farmhouse kitchen or get you started on your design path. In addition to the style of cabinets you choose, you’ll also have to consider the type of wood your cabinets are made of, which can impact a few things. The texture and grain vary across different wood varieties, and your options include:

  1. Maple: Get a uniform look in grain and color with maple cabinetry. Its closed grain means it will have a smoother finish than other varieties.

  1. Cherry: With a multi-color appearance, cherry features pockets of darker colors. This variety of wood also has a closed grain.
  2. Oak:Oak is a red-tone wood with an open grain. If you’re looking for a smooth finish, you’ll likely need to have your oak cabinetry filled first. Oak cabinetry may suit a rustic farmhouse kitchen with its appearance.
  3. Hickory: When left natural, hickory includes many streaks and spots. Choose this species if you’re leaving the wood unpainted, and you want an intriguing wood pattern.
  4. Birch: This hardwood is characterized by a vertical-striped grain. It is another closed-grain variety that’s perfect for painting or staining since it is so smooth.

The color you use for your cabinets can look different on various types of wood. If you’re painting your cabinets, you’ll probably want to choose a smoother wood for a polished look. Rustic farmhouse kitchens pair well with textural woods when they’re left natural or topped with stain. You can then get the finish in a glazed or distressed treatment. Glazed finishes provide a modern shine while distressed ones evoke a vintage feel.


As you select farmhouse style cabinets and finishes, think about how you will accessorize them. The hinges, knobs and handle pulls may seem like small elements in the scope of your whole kitchen, but they can enhance your farmhouse kitchen look. As you choose what types of hardware to install, consider using:

  1. Rustic hardware: Save sleek, long hardware for a purely contemporary kitchen. Round knobs or cup pulls create a vintage vibe that goes with any variety of farmhouse style cabinets. Copper and bronze are standard finishes for rustic cabinet hardware, but you can choose gold or other metals that suit your style.
  2. Contrasting hardware: Use white cabinets with matte black hardware for a popular farmhouse kitchen design. The pop of contrast creates a classic yet modern look perfect for any style of a farmhouse kitchen.
  3. Visible hinges: For a truly vintage look that evokes a real barn door, opt for exposed hinges on your cabinets. Again, white doors with black hardware stand out best here. Adding visible hinges makes your cabinets look even more rustic, which will help make them the perfect style of farmhouse cabinet.

Your cabinet hardware adds the perfect finishing touch to a farmhouse kitchen if you choose the right pieces. Match other metallic finishes to your hardware — such as your faucet and other decor — for a unified look, or mix metals for an eclectic style. Think about how the metals you’d prefer in your kitchen will go with various cabinets as you look for the perfect ones to fit your home and taste.


As you search for farmhouse style cabinets, check out our high-quality options at Wolf Home Products:

  1. Wolf Signature™: This cabinetry option is perfect for households with children or anyone looking for stain-resistant cabinetry — and who wouldn’t want that? Our Wolf Signature cabinets use SmartShield™ Technology to resist any type of food and drink stain, making it a great option for busy kitchens. Even if your kitchen doesn’t see that much traffic, Wolf Signature makes a smart fit since it holds up to heat and moisture. With soft-close hinges and drawers, this cabinetry’s durability will help it last a lifetime. Wolf Signature cabinetry comes in maple or birch varieties in plenty of stains and paint finishes, including white, cream and grey — all perfect for farmhouse style cabinets.
  2. Wolf Designer™: Add a personal touch to your farmhouse style kitchen with Wolf Designer cabinets. Explore over 50 door styles and more than 60 paint, stain and finish options with this cabinet variety. The solid-wood construction gives Wolf Designer cabinetry a classic appearance for a rustic kitchen, which you can finish with white, cream, grey and blue paint or stain options for your farmhouse kitchen design. Customize your Wolf Designer cabinetry with optional corbels or designer legs and feet. Wolf Designer cabinets are a great semi-custom option for anyone with specific needs for their farmhouse kitchen design. This option comes in maple, cherry, hickory, oak or rustic alder wood, giving you even more choices.

  1. Wolf Transition™: Get high-quality cabinets at an affordable price with Wolf Transition cabinetry. We feature shaker, beveled and slab cabinet doors, which suit modern and traditional farmhouse kitchens alike. Wolf Transition Cabinetry is available in neutral stains and paint finishes. Make your cabinetry functional for your kitchen with additional options that feature integrated storage solutions for cooking utensils, flatware and more. With standard soft-close drawers and doors, Wolf Transition cabinetry is made to last.
  2. Wolf Classic™: Practicality, affordability and high-quality combine in Wolf Classic cabinets. Find shaker-style and beveled cabinets in this range, which makes the perfect farmhouse cabinet. You can also add optional storage solutions from caddies to organizer inserts along with decorative pieces like crown moulding. Select from natural wood-tone stains or many paint finishes, and choose premium add-ons like soft-close hinges and drawers.

You’ll find cabinets for every budget, style and taste at Wolf Home Products. Whether you want modern grey cabinets for your farmhouse kitchen or something white, beveled and classic, you’ll find it with us.


The right cabinets can take your kitchen from rustic-inspired to full-on farmhouse style. As you create your dream kitchen, you want to choose high-quality products that last. Maximize your space with stylish storage solutions and farmhouse kitchen cabinets from Wolf Home Products.

We offer premium products at affordable prices, perfect for any home and budget. Create your stunning farmhouse kitchen with quality cabinetry designed to last. Find a Wolf Home Products dealer today and begin planning your dream kitchen!

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