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Meet Patty, EVP of Support Services at Wolf Home Products. With over 20 years’ experience with Wolf and more than 40 years’ experience in the building products industry, Patty is a key player bringing dedication and collaboration to The Wolf Organization. In her current role, Patty manages and provides strategic oversight to the Wolf customer care and procurement teams. She is also responsible for managing company-wide projects and driving process improvements for the organization. We sat down with Patty to dive deeper into her story.


Patty, tell us a little about yourself:

I graduated at Central Dauphin East High School. I’ve been married to my husband, Clayton for 30 years. My daughter and son and law have two wonderful twins, my grandchildren, Zech and Aliyah. Outside of work I enjoy camping, crafting with my grandkids and gardening.

Exactly how long have you been working in the building product industry and how did you get your start?

I’ve been working in the building product industry for 44 years now, at Wolf Home Products for 27 of them. I started in a co-op student ‘on-job training’ program my senior year of high school. 

Can you explain your duties as an EVP of Support Services?

I am responsible for the organizations Customer Care & Procurement Department. Additionally, I head-up project management activities for new product launches and integration projects. However, the most important part of my job is to mentor and support personnel along with assisting my team with developing world class services and processes that benefit and boost our customer service model.

How has your role with Wolf Home Products evolved over your tenure?

I was hired as a customer service department manager in 1994. When the company began to centralize business units, I was promoted to an Administration Manager and given the opportunity to assist with launching a single administration department for the organization. From that role, I was promoted to Director of Wolf’s Project Management department. I then moved into my currently role as EVP of Support Services, responsible for Customer Care, Procurement, and product related Project Management activities.

What interested and/or inspired you to go into the support services role?

It had become a natural evolution as a result of the multiple areas of experience I had gained from past opportunities in my career path. Additionally, I aspired to be part of world class customer service center experience and I knew Wolf had the leadership, culture, and values to support efforts small and large.

What do you love most about your role as EVP of Support Services?

Meeting or exceeding the daily challenges of customer satisfaction, inventory management and the constant evolution of new opportunities in what I will call a fashion industry (new door styles, new deck colors, new products).


What are some industry challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

One industry challenge we face is the competitiveness of speed to the market. As a quality driven, ISO certified organization, we are a leader in process structure and that discipline drives us to exceed industry standard. We are innovators and placed in a position to pioneer excellence in a fast pace, less process needy industry.

In your opinion, why is it important that more women consider working in the building product industry?

Diversity in the culture/industry. A different approach to industry standards in detail and fashion.

Have you mentored fellow females in the industry or outside of the industry and why/how has that mentorship been important?

I would like to think I was successful at passing along key qualities and values that were part of the mentorship I received from others. I strive to inspire wisdom, patience, kindness, innovative thinking, and intuitiveness.

How has Wolf supported your success as a leader and a female leader?

Throughout my career at Wolf I have received endless opportunities and had multiple mentors throughout my career that shaped my success on many levels.


As a leader, what have you learned or what is core value to your leadership approach?

Endless support through the lows and highs. To be in the thick and thin, hands-on with my employees while still managing to give them room to grow, showcase their talents, and advance towards their aspiration.

What are you most proud of in your position as EVP of Support Services?

I am proud of the growth and development of those I’ve been honored to support through their career journey. I’m also proud to have helped shape and design our innovative business processes that benefit the success of our customers.

What would you say to a young woman who is currently looking to get into this building industry?

There is something new to learn every day, there’s opportunity to engage with a host of different disciplines, and most of all it’s rewarding. Be true to yourself, be humble and let hard work & dedication showcase your talents and aspirations.

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