Designer Spotlight: Dennis Maurer

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Dennis MaurerWelcome to the first installment of our Designer Spotlight series! We’ve been following Dennis Maurer for quite some time and we were thrilled to have the chance to talk to him. Dennis has been working with R.S. Monger & Sons for nearly six years. In that time, he’s designed dozens of kitchens with Wolf Home Products Wolf Classic cabinets and Wolf Designer cabinets. Meet Dennis Maurer:

Dennis, how did you become a kitchen designer?

I have a design background in Architectural Technology. When I started at RS Monger & Sons, I had experience building custom kitchen cabinets. The owners came to me one day and asked if I’d entertain managing that area due to not having anyone specially trained. It has been a nice fit. 

Walk us through your process with a new client. 

I personally like to have a brief introduction with the customer and get a feel for their style, color, as well as anything that may be specific to what they are doing their project. Once I have a good understanding of what they are interested in, I steer them towards a particular line, and or style. Then, we’ll review the general notes. I like to find out if they have a specific wish list and build off that. We review plans, take notes, review potential design options, and the design process begins. Job site visits, plan reviews, final measurements and ultimately ordering would be the final step, that is, beside the comment “we love it!”



Wolf Classic project here in VA. I think it turned out nicely!

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Which is more important, attention to detail or creativity?

That is a tough question. If I am dealing with a Wolf Classic Design, creativity plays a large part. If it is a Wolf Designer job, attention to detail is very important. 

What is the most challenging thing about your job? 

Sometimes the most challenging thing about this job is trying to make sure you can help the customers that have a limited budget, but don’t want to sacrifice quality to stay on track. People work hard for their money and I hope to assist them in creating a look that is functional and affordable. Sometimes it takes an extra thought or two, but worth it in the end. 

How do you decide what products you want to use in a design?

The easiest answer there is the budget. If a customer has a higher budget, I show them their options, and let them pick and choose what they may like in their design. Sometimes it is driven by the need to use one cabinet over another. Other times, the drawings will tell you what to use. Every design is unique. 



95% complete. Can’t wait to see this beauty finished! #wolfhomeproducts #ironpaintsureispretty

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What is the largest space you’ve ever designed?

The largest area job that I did had about 7 different rooms that we designed cabinetry for. That was the kitchen, master, kids’ bath, guest bath, laundry, study, and living room. It was a fun project to work on. 

What is your favorite kitchen you’ve ever designed and why? 

My favorite design that I worked on was the one for my mom and dad that never came to fruition. They didn’t have the chance to progress it past a design due to my mother passing away from cancer, and my father receiving cancer treatments as well. We lived four hours apart so I would only be able to visit every couple of weeks, but when I was able visit, my mom would always mention how she was saving up for her “cupboards.” Her savings went towards medical and living expenses because neither of them were able to work. I have held the design close and I plan to use it for inspiration when I design the kitchen for my home. I’m hoping that will be in spring of 2020.

Where and how can new customers get in touch with you?

Stop by our location at 265 Chesapeake Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA. Check us out at Our Facebook page: R.S. Monger & Sons or my design page on Facebook Designs by Dennis. I’m also on Instagram @dennis_a_maurer

Dennis Maurer from R.S. Monger & Sons