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A beautiful backsplash has the power to bring a kitchen or bathroom to the next level. It can add a vibrant dash of personality, color and pattern to a simple room, or tie a space together with a subtle color scheme. Whether your backsplash blends into the background or rises to be the star of the show depends on the look you choose.


Create your ideal space with the following backsplash options:

  • Subway tile: This popular backsplash offers a simple white design for a minimalist look. The tiles resemble staggered bricks, and some unique designs include diagonal, vertical and colorful applications. Other home areas, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms, often contain subway tile. 
  • Stone slab: If you have granite, marble or quartz countertops, stone slabs offer a cohesive look when extended from the surface to the backsplash. Designs with distinctive veining offer a focal point against white cabinets. An engineered stone, such as quartz, provides a nonporous material for better stain resistance and durability. 
  • Mosaic tiles: Ceramic, porcelain or clay tiles usually come in one- or two-inch sizes. Mosaic patterns create attractive designs and unique styles when added together. Tile applications include matte glazed, crackle-glazed, hand painted and metallic aesthetics. 
  • Glass tile: Glass is scratch- and moisture-resistant to steam, splashes and movement. The translucency offers a dazzling, shiny effect and makes a room feel brighter and larger. Glossy, iridescent, frosted and matte styles offer various reflectivity levels and come in many hues to suit your room’s color palette.
  • Stainless steel: These backsplashes offer an industrial look to home kitchens. The tile comes in various shapes, sizes and designs with hammered, ribbed and quilted textures. Each surface offers durability around hot pans and pots and cleans easily for a spotless appearance. 
  • Peel and stick tiles: Installing peel and stick tiles is a budget-friendly solution for your remodeling project. Adhesives make it easy to replace your backsplash when you want to explore a new color or design. These do-it-yourself, removable backsplashes work well as a damage-free option in rental spaces.



If you’re learning how to pick the right backsplash, consider these seven factors:

  1. Countertops: What color, style and look do your countertops have? Since these will likely be the direct contrast to your backsplash, picture them side-by-side before making your decision.
  2. Mood: What is the mood in the rest of the room? Is it contemporary, modern, coastal, traditional? This is not to say that your backsplash has to echo the mood. On the contrary — a statement splash can brighten up a stoic kitchen, or a mild backsplash can add gravity to a quirky space. Mood is an important thing to consider when deciding how you want your backsplash to tie in to your room.
  3. Shapes and patterns: Consider what look you prefer, and what shapes and patterns already exist in the room. Even if you’re looking for a backsplash to serve as a statement piece, see what colors and lines already exist in your kitchen. If you’ve already got patterns galore in your room, a simple backsplash may actually stand out more. On the flip side, if your kitchen is low on design elements, a bold or unusual backsplash can incorporate patterns without making the room too loud.
  4. Era: Does the rest of your house look like it belongs in a past century? Is your kitchen ultra-modern? Does it scream vintage retro? If your home is already strongly tied to an era, think about how your backsplash will work with this look. If your house itself already seems like a statement piece, you might want your backsplash to tie into the aesthetic rather than compete against it.
  5. Textures: Even if you don’t want your backsplash to be the attention-getter in the room, you can still make it a statement piece on its own. How? Opt for an out-of-the-box material. Instead of classic tile, consider brick, glass or even a mirror. Whether you go bold in color or style, a unique textured backsplash can strike the balance between standing out and blending in. Truly a design feat.
  6. Focal point: A focal point should emphasize the beauty of a space while matching with the surrounding elements. Some homeowners want to make their stove or countertops the focal point, but backsplashes are another option. When choosing a kitchen backsplash, consider adding color or pattern to your tiles for an eye-catching look.
  7. Budget: How much would you like to allocate for your kitchen upgrade project? Stone, glass and stainless steel offer durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, while mosaic and subway tiles offer backsplash options for a medium price point. Less expensive materials such as peel and stick tiles provide another way to play with color and design.



Whether you opt for neutral subtleties or bold patterns, your backsplash can be a key part of completing your kitchen or bathroom. Wolf Home Products offers a line of on-trend kitchen cabinets that will make a statement and look great with whatever accent tiles you choose. Whether you’re planning to go bold or stay subtle, find a dealer today to purchase Wolf Cabinetry.

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