The Benefits of Adding a Porch to Your Home

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A front porch offers a covered space where people can enjoy the outdoors. If you choose to add one to your property, you'll enjoy an attractive extra feature attached to your existing home. From savoring your morning coffee to listening for the sounds of the evening, a porch creates opportunities to get out of the home and connect with nature while surrounded by comfortable amenities.

Four Excellent Perks That a Porch Can Provide

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A porch designed to complement a home and built using the right color and composition of materials offers benefits any homeowner can take advantage of, including:

  1. Improved curb appeal: Stand out on the block with an attached porch designed using colors and materials that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. A front porch is a predominant feature on the face of a home. When guests come to visit, this space can make a great first impression.
  2. Increased property value: A porch is a significant feature on a home and, with the right design, it can generate interest and drive buyer demand. Does a front porch add value to a house? It certainly can. Whether you plan on selling this season or putting the home up for sale years from now, adding a porch made of modern composite materials can lead to a higher closing price.
  3. More time outdoors: When you install a new porch, you'll have the freedom to create the space you want, with features like built-in seating, lighting and much more. You'll create a custom outdoor covered area — the perfect space for hosting social gatherings or enjoying the outdoors in private.
  4. Protection from the elements: Whether you're walking out the front door or returning home from a trip outside, you'll find that a front porch offers protection from the elements while you get your bearings. Find your keys, set your groceries down, fix your child's jacket and more while shielded from the sun, snow, rain and anything else mother nature throws your way.

Four Reasons Why It's Important to Have an Updated Porch 

When we spend so much time and effort on the interior of our homes, the results are often clear representations of who we are as people.

With that in mind, you should try to extend that care to your outdoor spaces as well. Porches, patios, and decks hold added significance due to how often we like going outside to relax and unwind. While it can be stressful and time-consuming, a front porch remodel can drastically improve your home for the better.

Here are some important factors to consider when you're looking to revitalize your outdoor area.

1. Safety

If your deck or porch has begun to show signs of significant wear, that can pose a serious threat to your and your family's security. Rotted wood can fall victim to weak spots, so its structural integrity can sometimes fail out of nowhere.

Depending on how severe the damage might be, it's possible you'll require a total replacement. If you need a reliable product that maintains a beautiful appearance over time, the Wolf Serenity Porch series from Wolf Home Products will give you the results that you desire.

Wolf Serenity Porch features a proprietary ColorWatch100® premium ASA capstock, which helps block harmful UV rays to promote color retention — keeping your porch looking as good as the day it was installed for year to come.

2. Resale Value

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If you know that your house will eventually hit the market, it never hurts to start building value for the future.

A lot of people prefer turnkey purchases, which means they want a home that's complete with newer updates so they don't have to put in any added work. A beautiful Porch immediately gives buyers something more to appreciate.

You can further add to the value with complementary column wraps. Wolf Column Wraps are an sure fire way to add curb appeal and style to any home quickly.

3. First Impressions

Why do we spend so much time customizing our living spaces? While personal satisfaction plays a role for sure, many people also do it to leave a favorable impression on the people who come to visit.

If you have an outdated, creaky porch, you likely won't get much in the way of compliments. However, a new porch will completely alter those perceptions for the better. Sleek colors will synchronize with the rest of your home's exterior, and you can implement different lighting options to ensure that everyone gets a good look through the evening hours.

4. Added Space to Enjoy Activities

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Ultimately, a front porch remodel will give your house another place for everyone to gather and enjoy life, after all it's the first thing you see when you come home. You can lounge, play games, and even cook — the Wolf Endurance line offers a range of sturdy aluminum cabinetry that can also incorporate gas grills into their setups.

Why Add Porch Column Wraps and Railings?

Woman standing on porch drinking coffee

If you're adding a front porch, consider using column wraps and railings to enhance its design. Column wraps will fit over your existing porch columns to improve their appearance and match the rest of your design. New railings have their own appeal but also provide safety, limiting your liability while protecting people and pets from accidentally stepping over the edge of the platform.

With the right products, design and color palette, column wraps and railings can be defining features of your new front porch as well as the envy of your neighborhood. Be sure to ask your contractor about incorporating them into your design to see all the options available to you.

Use Wolf Home Products When Adding a Front Porch

A new porch is exciting, and with the Wolf Serenity™ Porch collection, you can create one that fits your home and personal style. If you want to complete your front porch upgrades with the help of Wolf Home Products, you won't find a better set of products and accessories. Make sure your installation has all the advantages with the help of a Wolf PRO contractor — a professional builder trained and experienced in the installation of our products.

Wolf Home Products are available in a wide variety of attractive colors, impervious to moisture and rot and resistant to mold and mildew. To see our products in person, locate a dealer near you.