April 10, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

If you’re the type who really does Christmas right, with colorful lights everywhere, themed lawn decorations and the works, you probably can’t wait for December to come. The good news is, you don’t have to. Halloween presents a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity flow and turn some heads with your décor.

Many people give a lot of thought to their Halloween porch décor, and with good reason. Front porch Halloween decorations can be as eye-catching and fun as Christmas decorations, if not more so. And since you may get trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood, people might get more of a chance to appreciate your Halloween decorations than they do your Christmas decorations!

Here are some fun Halloween porch ideas to consider.


Some simple wooden crates can create a wonderfully scary effect with a little creativity. Just take your crate and give it a dark, distressed look with a dark wood stain. You immediately have a spooky display for Jack-O-Lanterns, skulls, oil lanterns or whatever else you would like to highlight. And since wooden crates are usually very cheap or even free, it’s no problem to gather as many as you need to make your Halloween display work.


To make a creepy spider’s nest, just take a mason jar and wrap it with gauze. Then glue some plastic spiders to the gauze and put a flameless candle inside. When night falls, your spider’s nest will be illuminated, and it might just make trick-or-treaters do a double-take as they approach your front door!


You can easily make the windows overlooking your Halloween front porch look broken by applying clear contact paper to the window. Then, use a craft knife to cut away part of the paper in a jagged edge. The “broken glass” effect is quite amazing, especially from a distance, and will add to your home’s distressed, haunted look.


Get yourself a few discarded mannequin heads to really up your Halloween porch creep factor. You can paint scars or other disfiguring marks or wrap them like mummies. Then, hang them from the porch ceiling, display them in a crate or have them on top of a hay bale. The possibilities, and the creepiness, are endless!


Nothing says Halloween like some good cobwebs. Making them is fairly easy, too. Just take a cotton ball and spread it out, making it as stringy and webby as possible. Then tape it wherever you want it to go on the porch. For the full effect, add some plastic spiders, either just hanging them on or taping them into place.

And remember, the fun doesn’t have to stop at the porch. You can work with the color of your home to create a theme that covers the entire exterior, or extend the design with new lightingdecking or railings. For help finding outdoor accessories for your Halloween porch, visit your local Wolf dealer.

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