Minimalist Bathroom Design Trends

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One of the newest trends in the modern home is the minimalist bathroom. Why is minimalist bathroom décor becoming so popular? The bathroom is a place you want to be synonymous with cleanliness, and minimalism and cleanliness are ideas that go hand in hand.

In addition, a minimalist bathroom vanity, tub or sink creates additional space and a reduction in clutter. This can create a very desirable relaxing environment when bathing, getting ready to start your day or getting ready for bed.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Wolf York Grey Stain Bathroom Cabinet

The key to a minimalist bathroom is to create a sense of airiness and to reduce clutter in a space where you may need a lot of accessories — such as toothbrushes, makeup and cleaning products. It can be done, with a little creativity, the right furniture and the right plan.

If it’s time to remodel your bathroom, here are some fun and interesting minimalist bathroom ideas to consider.

1. Freestanding Tub

A free-standing oval tub is one great way to create a minimalist effect in your bathroom. Not having the bathtub flush with one wall can give you a much greater sense of space. You may also find bathing to be more relaxing, and you might even find it easier to get in and out of the tub as well.

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2. Simple, Rectangle Vanities

A basic square sink, rather than a sink built into a counter that takes up an entire wall gives you additional space and removes the temptation to clutter up the bathroom counter with all sorts of bottles, lotions and toiletries. If you still need storage, you can get creative with baskets and open shelving, which can help your bathroom feel less closed in.

3. Neutral Colors

If you’re going for a minimalist bathroom approach, you don’t want a lot of flashy colors. White tiles, unfinished wood floors and stainless-steel fixtures can all help you achieve that minimalist look you are searching for. Blacks, off-whites and light colors are okay, too.

Stormy Grey Bathroom Design

4. Built-In Shelving

Whether you’ve forced yourself to be clutter-free by taking away a lot of the counter space or you still have that space but want to avoid the clutter, strategically placed wall shelving is a great solution. Keep those extra shampoo bottles, soaps, toothbrushes and other bathroom necessities up and out of the way, rather than spread all around countertop or bathtub.

5. Mirrors

No bathroom is complete without a mirror, but you may want to be thoughtful about the size and location. Mirrors are great at creating a sense of space, which can be just what you want in a minimalist bathroom. However, too many mirrors, or ones that are too large, can appear gaudy and detract from the minimalist approach.

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