April 11, 2023 · BY: WOLF HOME PRODUCTS

If you’re building your home from the ground up or embarking on an exterior redesign, you’ll want to pay particular attention to both the functional and aesthetic design of your home.

The less-stressful decisions will likely focus on your entry or deck, but selecting your house’s siding might be the most crucial choices you make during the process. If you want exceptionally beautiful and amazingly durable siding, Wolf Home Products has the right product for you – Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding.

Not only do we offer two collections and eight on-trend colors, our website also features a unique visualizer to help you envision how your selection will look on your home.


Our decking, which revolutionized the industry, became so popular that we decided to adopt the technology to fit house siding. The result is our successful Wolf Portrait Siding, which delivers on multiple fronts. We’ve bypassed unsatisfactory materials like vinyl and wood and aimed to solve a lot of common issues associated with them — such as rotting, bowing, and blistering.

Our High-Density Cellular Siding creates a structure that’s sturdy and durable, which allows it to hold up in practically any environment and makes it ultra-resistant to water absorption. Tests have shown that our siding absorbs less than half of one percent of its weight in water — a standard well above most woods and concrete fiber materials.

It replicates popular woodgrain textures without the required maintenance and features a precision fit for a clean, flawless look. Our COLORWATCH100™ acrylic ASA and SATINWALL™ technologies keep the hues looking vivid over long periods of continual UV exposure.

Select from eight varied siding color choices that fit in with plenty of different styles. 


It’s easy to say that you like the look of a particular siding package when it’s isolated, but it’s difficult to transfer the ambiance onto your own home. Until now.

When you’re choosing residential siding, utilize our online siding visualizer to create a better vision of what you’ll be purchasing. You can upload a photo of your home’s exterior, and from there you can superimpose our various products onto the image. If you’d like assistance, our professional designers will prepare your photo for a fee.

If you’re designing your home and you’re not sure about the exact layout yet, you can use a variety of sample templates on the website. Play around with different siding designs and colors, as well as trims, roofing, and even front door paint.

With our house siding visualizer, your vision will finally take shape.


If you’re interested in learning more about Wolf Portrait Siding, contact a certified Wolf PRO siding contractor in your town today! In addition to being specially trained on the product and installation, they are backed with an extended five-year labor warranty.

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