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If you’re working on a new build or a kitchen remodel, finding the right cabinets can bring the entire room together and give you the storage space you need. Besides their functionality, kitchen cabinets have to go along with the style of your home, whether it’s rustic, classic or contemporary.

With sleek designs, smooth surfaces and industrial colors, you can achieve a modern look in your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinet designs from Wolf Home Products.



When looking for modern kitchen cabinets, style is important. Start by choosing the right style, then you can pick a finish and get the modern feel you want.

You may decide to find one elegant style, or you might have two that catch your eye. The good news is that you can’t go wrong by seamlessly blending more than one style.

Here are a few of our top choices for modern door styles:



With our Dartmouth door, any kitchen can have a clean, contemporary look. Modern Shaker-style doors make the perfect canvas for your hardware and accessory choices. Plus, you can choose from four stains, two standard paint options, and five additional paint options.



The Linden door style has a totally flat build to give it a contemporary look. With eight stain options, any option you choose still has that modern feel that is sleek, dynamic and welcoming.



With a full overlay, the Dapper FO door maximizes your space and creates a contained and seamless look. Wolf Designer cabinets have endless finish options from stains, glazes, paints and even a custom paint program.

Modern kitchens are all about clean surfaces, sharp lines and severe angles. Modern designs focus on opening up your kitchen and making the space breathable and unique. They may include traditional wood or use more unique color schemes and finishes.

Whether you decide to opt for a consistent color scheme or choose to blend your options, keep your kitchen airy and simple to achieve that modern look.

If you’re looking for modern kitchen design ideas that complement your cabinets, check out these great style tips:

  1. Stay minimal: To maintain the airy feel of modern kitchens, minimize clutter and distracting design elements in the kitchen. Since open and clean spaces are a trademark of modern design, having cabinets that can store all your appliances can help you maintain this style. While you can still incorporate design features, they shouldn’t be too busy or complex.
  2. Mix textures: Mixing stone, wood and stainless steel are trademarks of modern kitchens. Bright white tiles and white stone countertops mix well with shiny steel appliances and stained or painted wood cabinets. Modern designs also give you the freedom to create texture with unique fixtures like knobs and faucets. 
  3. Use contrast: While you might find stained or white cabinets in traditional kitchens, modern designs use contrast to draw the eye. You can bring attention to the room’s height by using darker-colored lower cabinets and white cabinets on top. Or, use a different color on the kitchen island cabinets than those around the room.



Stylish modern kitchen cabinets aren’t limited to one type of finish. You can achieve this look with natural woods and stains, different paint colors and more. At Wolf Home Products, we carry an excellent variety of door styles where you can choose great modern paints and stains.

Wood species: Choosing the right wood species can add tone and texture to your kitchen. The contemporary Walker door style is available in Maple, Cherry, and Oak.

Stain and glaze: Using a medium-toned stain can pull details from the wood texture and still create a chic, contemporary look. The suede stain in our Wolf Signature cabinets line looks stunning on the Walker door style.


Paint: If you’re looking for lighter cabinets, white paint is a popular choice to achieve a modern look. Check out the Dartmouth door style from our Wolf Classic collection. With clean lines, this classic look works great in a modern kitchen.


Some great color options for modern kitchen cabinets include:

  • Cream: Cream paint can help you create bright and airy atmosphere in your modern kitchen.
  • Grey: If you want the maintain a bright look but provide contrast with your white countertops or backsplash, go with grey paint on your cabinets.
  • Blue: A calming, relaxing color, blue is a great choice if you want a unique modern cabinet design for your kitchen.
  • Green: Green cabinets can offer an earthy feel that still creates a clean, modern look.
  • Tan: If you enjoy the look of natural wood, go for a lighter tan stain on your cabinets.
  • Black: Contrast is a great modern design feature, and black paint or stain on your cabinets can help you achieve a high level of contrast in your modern kitchen.
  • Brown: For high contrast with a more natural feel, choose a brown paint color or stain for your modern kitchen cabinets.


You can create a modern look in your kitchen with the right kitchen cabinets. Since your cabinets are such an important feature in your kitchen, choosing the right type will help you achieve the look you want. We make it simple to find the perfect cabinet for your kitchen with many different modern cabinet styles and finishes.

To learn more about our kitchen cabinet door styles, find a dealer near you today.

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