7 Tips for Creating a Functional Laundry Room

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The average family washes about 300 loads of laundry every year. Since you spend so much time in your laundry room, you want to be sure it's as functional and easy to use as possible.

Laundry usually involves more than tossing dirty clothes into a washer and dryer. Doing laundry can also mean hand-washing delicates, scrubbing difficult stains, sorting and folding clothes and much more. For large families or homes without much laundry room space, laundry time can be frustrating. 

Fortunately, there are several ways you can maximize your laundry room space and create a functional workroom without sacrificing the style and feel of your home. Check out our 7 tips below for laundry room ideas for your space.

Stay Organized With Laundry Baskets

Builders Mark Laundry Room Cabinet

Use small woven and fabric baskets to keep your laundry supplies — like dryer sheets, stain sticks and lint rollers — organized and easy to find. Decorative storage bins are also a simple, affordable way to add color and texture to your laundry room. 

Label larger baskets with your family members' names, so it is easier to keep everyone's clothes separate while washing and folding. Go one step further and designate specific baskets for darks, lights, machine-wash and hand-wash only pieces. When your laundry piles are organized, accidents and laundry mishaps are less likely to happen.

Make Sure the Floors and Counters Are Water-Resistant

Durable Non Porous Materials

If you are looking for practical laundry room ideas, keep in mind how frequently the floor and countertops will be exposed to humidity and moisture. Use water-resistant building materials to avoid mold growth or warping.

Some of the best countertop materials for your laundry room include durable, non-porous materials, including:

  • • Quartz
  • • Porcelain tile
  • • Granite

For laundry room flooring, always avoid carpet. Instead, opt for:

  • • Luxury or sheet vinyl
  • • Stone or concrete
  • • Laminate
  • • Ceramic tile

You can always go on to add a decorative rug to keep the space lively.

Have a Built-In Work Table In Your Laundry Space

Wolf Signature Pure White in Laundry Room

Work tables are handy to have in a laundry room. Use them to sort and fold clothes, iron wrinkled blouses and dress shirts or to lay wet clothes flat for gentle drying. If you do not have enough space in your laundry room for a small table — and you have front-load units — consider installing a counter on top of your washer and dryer. 

Save Room for a Utility Sink

Wolf Transition Cabinets in Laundry Room

Include a utility sink in your laundry room plans. You can use your laundry room sink to hand-wash fragile pieces of clothing or soak pieces with deep, set-in stains. Place your utility sink beside or in between your washing machine and dryer units for maximum efficiency.

Utility sinks are useful for non-laundry tasks, too. You can empty your mop water here without dirtying your kitchen sink. A utility sink is also a good place to deep clean household items that you don't want to leave in your kitchen, like craft supplies, pet toys or trash cans.

Include a Drip-Dry Rack or Hanging Rod

Leave space in your laundry room for a drip-dry rack or hanging rod, so you can easily hang wet clothes if necessary. For an affordable, easy-to-install drying station, you can use a sturdy tension rod and plastic clothes hangers or a foldable drying rack that easily slides into your cabinets when not in use.

Keep Your Decorating Theme

Wolf Classic Seaport Laundry Room

Just because laundry rooms are functional does not mean they can't be stylish. Carry your home's decorating theme into your laundry room to create a warm, inviting environment. For example, if your kitchen and living room have a farmhouse decor, keep that in mind while decorating your laundry room. You can use galvanized metal for your storage bins or find old-fashioned laundry room wall decor.

Laundry room windows are an asset. Instead of harsh overhead lighting, open your curtains to let in natural sunlight. During warm months, keep your windows open to let fresh air in and the smell of dirty laundry out. 

Incorporate Plenty of Storage Space

Classic Opal Laundry Room Cabinets

The most important part of a functional laundry room design is having plenty of storage space, including vertical closets, walk-in pantries and shelving. Cabinets are especially useful if small children live in your home, and you need a safe place to store bleach and laundry detergent pods. High-quality cabinetry also looks good and adds personality to your room.

Have Style and Functionality With Wolf Home Products® Cabinetry

Blue cabinets in laundry room

Wolf Home Products has the perfect cabinetry for any type of laundry room design. Some popular cabinetry selections for laundry rooms include:

  • • Wolf Signature®Select Wolf Signature Cabinets are an excellent choice for your laundry room, thanks to our exclusive SmartShield Technology. SmartShield Technology is a durable laminate coating that protects your cabinetry surface from scuffs, stains and moisture damage.
  • • Wolf Classic®Wolf Classic Cabinets are an affordable, high-quality option. Each Wolf Classic Cabinet is constructed with durable, attractive materials and comes with a five-year warranty.
  • • Wolf Designer®Wolf Designer Cabinets are semi-custom cabinets, perfect for the homeowner that wants to add a unique, personalized touch to your laundry room. When you select Wolf Designer Cabinets, you get to choose from more than 50 different door styles and 60 finish options to create your ideal piece.
  • • Wolf Transition®Wolf Transition Cabinets offer quality construction with several style options available — all at an affordable price — making them an ideal solution for your space. 
  • • Builders Mark® From WolfThe Builders Mark series includes industrial-grade, solid wood drawers and cabinet sides with adjustable, concealed hinges. They are completed with a durable finish, protecting them from marks or general wear and tear.

Find a Wolf Home Products Dealer Near You

When you choose Wolf Home Products for your laundry room, you are investing in high-quality, durable cabinetry that will last for years to come. We are passionate about maintaining our core values — leadership, integrity, health and safety, quality and innovation — as well as offering industry-leading product warranties and reliable customer service. 

For additional peace of mind, every one of our products meets ISO International Standards, a set of guidelines and requirements that must be met to ensure quality products. 

To see our high-quality cabinetry for yourself, find a Wolf Home Products dealer near you. You can also visit Wolf Home Products online for cabinetry design and laundry room inspiration and to learn more about our commitment to providing premium products.

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