Should I Run Kitchen Cabinets to the Ceiling?

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There are cases when taller is always better, such as in basketball or for step stools. But are tall kitchen cabinets that run up to your ceiling a good idea? Ceiling-height cabinets can offer advantages, but they are not the right solution in every situation. For some people, ceiling-height kitchen cabinets create more problems than they solve. Let's look at the reasons for and against running your cabinets to the ceiling. 

What Are Ceiling-Height Kitchen Cabinets?

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Ceiling-high kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling in your kitchen. Some kitchen cabinetry stops a foot or two before the ceiling. But when you install ceiling-height cabinets, you get no room at the top. The cabinets continue on a smooth line until they meet the ceiling. 

For many years, the gap between the cabinet tops and the ceiling remained standard. The cabinets were more accessible without needing a step stool to reach the cabinet's top shelves. Recently, however, more homeowners and home builders have been employing the floor-to-ceiling look. The approach gives people more cabinet space, which many desire. 

What should you consider when you think about getting kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling? A few factors that should play into your decision include: 

  • Budget.
  • Style.
  • Ceiling height and design.

When to Use Ceiling-Height Kitchen Cabinets

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One of the main reasons people choose to get high cabinets is that they want extra space. You probably store a lot of things in your kitchen. Would it make your life easier to add even more storage so you wouldn't have to cram everything into your existing cabinets? If so, then ceiling-height cabinets are an easy solution.

Cabinets come in standard sizes, and to reach the ceiling, you will need to figure out what size works best. Most kitchen ceilings are 8 to 9 feet high. You can likely use 42-inch tall wall cabinets, with 12-inch additions on top if needed, to achieve the height you want. You can fill any gaps with crown moulding. 

When Not to Use Ceiling-Height Kitchen Cabinets

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The main factor in your decision should be whether you like the appearance of ceiling-height cabinets. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets look different than ones that end before the ceiling. If you think they look too crowded or you like the way cabinets look when they have some space above, then ceiling-height cabinets may not be the right choice. 

Some homes also have non-standard ceiling sizes. You might, for instance, have a soaring ceiling on one side that slopes down throughout the kitchen. You shouldn't attempt to run your cabinets to the ceiling in these cases. You will need to ensure your cabinets are completely customized to your space, which can cost significantly more. They will also likely look odd, and installing them may be more labor intensive. 

You may also arrive at an answer that's in-between. If your kitchen has a beam that runs around the room right below the ceiling, for instance, then your cabinets don't need to go all the way to the ceiling. They can stop right at the beam instead.  

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