5 Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Practically everyone who dreams of being a homeowner also fantasizes about creating their ideal kitchen, which often serves as the center of the home for many families.

While you'll carefully select the appliances and decorations, the most vital decision often revolves around the cabinetry, which is usually the most noticeable aspect. Whether you're hunting for a rustic, modern, contemporary, or other style, you'll want to select cabinetry that will leave a unique impression and put a smile on your face every time you walk in.

That said, customization can cost an astronomical amount of money, which may severe limit your range of choices. Wolf Home Products aims to provide a more reasonable alternative without sacrificing quality. Using lessons learned through our 175 years of existence, we've gradually expanded our semi-custom Wolf Designer™ cabinet collection to include many different personalization options, such as the following:

Rustic Cherry Island1. Select from a Variety of Colors

Do you dream of cooking your favorite recipes in a dazzling white kitchen, like the ones that headline designer magazines? Or maybe you'd prefer a color that's outside the box and strikes a dynamic contrast? From neutral tones to vibrant hues like blue and cranberry, our Wolf Designer line offers more than 60 different paint, stain, and glaze options.

2. We Offer Multiple Styles

Everybody has their distinct taste, and no one cabinet choice can satisfy all of those preferences. That's why Wolf Designer offers nearly 50 door styles that span the gamut from ornate to traditional. Differences between overlays, inlays, center panels, and other subtleties accentuate your cabinetry's appearance.

3. You Can Pick the Wood Species, Too

No two species of wood produce the same kind of aesthetic, so Wolf offers a broad selection to produce your desired look. Options include rustic alder, cherry, maple, hickory, oak and rustic hickory. You can apply one of our many glazes and finishes to complement the wood's burls, knots, and streaks.

Wolf Groff Cabinets4. Choose from Assorted Decorative Accessories

Sometimes, your cabinets require an extra touch to fall in line with your preferred style. Add further depth of character with glass-pane and metal-framed doors, corbels, moldings, and much more.

5. Maximize Your Space with Different Storage Options

Everyone gravitates toward appearances, but functionality is another crucial factor to consider when trying to make your cabinets your own. With more than 40 different storage solutions available, Wolf Designer maximizes space, minimizes clutter, and provides a place for everything.

Implement a retractable mixer shelf with a storage tray for attachments to create the ultimate pop-up baking area or utilize swing-out bins to store large cooking appliances or pots and pans comfortably.

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