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Meaningful training and education for you and your team are just the beginning. Wolf PRO offers all the extra support and incentives to make your business relationship with Wolf feel more like a business partnership. Contact us or your local dealer to join the program and start taking advantage of the benefits.

  • Designation on our website
  • Purchase incentives
  • Exclusive marketing tools
  • Product literature and samples
  • Ongoing product updates
  • Frameable certificate
  • Simple online project registration

Wolf PRO Re-Certification

Since Wolf PRO certifications are valid for two years, we offer easy and free recertification. Renew now and continue to receive tools and support to help you grow your business. Click here to renew your Wolf PRO certification.

  • Product updates
  • Rebate forms 
  • Updated contractor certificates
  • Homeowner warranties
  • Marketing support materials
  • Updated contractor locator info

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