The beauty of the outdoors can be as close as a beautiful pvc deck or pvc porch built with WOLF PVC products.

You can choose from natural colors and deep wood grain that will enhance the value and appearance of any home. And then you’ll discover all the ways that WOLF helps you take it easy outdoors.

For starters, get away from it all. It’s hard to relax when your porch or deck demands endless hours of staining, sealing and cleaning. But with WOLF PVC, all you need is an occasional cleaning with normal household products to keep your deck or porch looking brand new.

Leave cracking, splintering and splitting behind. Our advanced PVC won’t absorb moisture. It won’t swell, rot, delaminate, cup or craze, even under the harshest conditions. In fact, we’re so confident it won’t that we offer a lifetime limited warranty. So you can be confident, too.

Enjoy a better value. Shop around, and you’ll find that WOLF offers surprisingly affordable prices, without cutting corners on quality. You’ll also notice that we sell our products only through independent retailers with roots in your community.

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