TruExterior Siding in White
Blue House with White Trim

Boral TruExterior Siding Features

Boral TruExterior Siding offers a lower-maintenance, easier-to-install alternative to wood and other materials without sacrificing the look, feel, and character of traditional wood siding.

  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and methods
  • No need to prime ends or field cuts
  • Easily accepts paint of any color
  • Accepts a wide variety of fasteners
  • Resists rot and termite attacks
  • No cracking or splitting from moisture
  • Made in the USA
  • 20-year limited warranty

Siding Options

Boral Siding Cove
Craftsman Collection - Cove/Dutch Lap Siding: A subtle curved profile creates an eased appearance
Boral Siding Channel
Craftsman Collection - Channel Siding: A wide groove creates a rich shadow line effect
Boral Siding Channel Bevel
Craftsman Collection - Channel Bevel Siding: A channel-style joint with an angled edge
Boral Siding V Rustic
Craftsman Collection - V-Rustic Siding: A deep "V" groove creates an appealing shadow line effect
Boral Siding Shiplap
Craftsman Collection - Shiplap Siding: Edge-matched for a tight joint appearance
Boral TruExterior Siding in Green


Boral makes its TruExterior Siding from a proprietary mixture of polymer and ash byproduct. The result of more than six years of development and third-party testing, this material combines the benefits of real wood with the superior performance of an engineered product. Like wood, it has a distinctive grain, low overall weight, and superior workability. Cut, rout, drill, or mill TruExterior Siding to your specifications with ease. This highly versatile product can be finished in any color using standard exterior-grade latex paint.

Unlike wood, however, TruExterior Siding will resist cracking, splitting, moisture, and rot. It is suitable for use in demanding ground contact applications where exposure to wind, rain, snow, and sun are frequent. It will maintain its dimensional stability even in the face of temperature or humidity changes.

In short, TruExterior Siding leads the industry in performance, value, appearance, and sustainability. To learn more about its unique benefits, please download the brochure or contact a Wolf Home Products dealer in your area for assistance.


Low Maintenance, Superior Look Icon
Long-lasting beauty with the least amount of care. You will love the low maintenance requirements of Boral TruExterior Siding.
20-Year Limited Warranty Icon
Feel confident with a 20-Year Limited Warranty. Exterior siding can and should stand the test of time. With Boral, industry-leading warranty coverage ensures your purchase will live up to its promises.
Made In America Icon
American made. Homeowner approved. Wolf Home Products is proud to offer Boral products alongside our own. Both represent a longstanding tradition of workmanship and design innovation.

Where To Buy

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