Wolf Perspective™ Decking Buying Guide

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Wolf Perspective Decking Buying Guide

A deck is more than an outdoor space. It’s an extension of your home, a platform for cookouts and card games, firepits and family gatherings. Wolf Perspective™ Decking combines durability, affordability and visual appeal to create a long-lasting and stylish surface. We’ve compiled this condensed guide to provide you with the information you need to know about these versatile composite decks, and to help you make the best choice for your home.

What Makes Wolf Perspective Decking Different?

By using industry-leading technology and classic real-wood design, Wolf Perspective Decking stands apart from the rest.

Benefits of Wolf Perspective Decking

Fiber Sequencing™ Technology

A deck is only as strong as its boards. Wolf Home Products uses Fiber Sequencing Technology to a create strong, moisture-resistant stable foundation for your space. At its center, Wolf Perspective Decking has a core of tightly packed fibers and thermoplastic. These coil-like strands ensure maximum durability and longevity. In addition to the packed-fiber core, each Wolf Perspective deck board is capped with a hard shell that extends the protection of your deck.

Real-Wood Appeal

Beyond innovative technology, Wolf Perspective Decking comes in a line of colors and grains designed to imitate the texture of real wood. With our composite boards, enjoy the appearance of high-end lumber without high-end maintenance.

Wolf Perspective Decking Collections

Wolf Perspective Decking comes in two collections: Terrace and Captiva Plus.

  • Terrace: Designed to resemble the most in-demand hardwoods, our variegated Terrace collection allows you to choose from five finishes: Almond, Cashmere, Cinnamon, Mocha and Pumice. With various shades and natural grains, the Terrace collection gives an organic, classic look to your deck.
  • Captiva Plus: With stylish, solid colors and a deep-embossed grain, the Captiva Plus collection offers five finishes: Acacia, Cedar Ridge, Potomac Grey, Redwood and Willow. Captiva Plus brings a sophisticated, chic finish to your outdoor space.

Dexerdry inserts create a tight seal between deck boards and act as rain gutters. They not only protect your deck from water-related wear, but preserve what’s underneath your deck, as well — whether that’s storage for lawn equipment or a covered patio. 

Dexerdry technology is designed to withstand rain, sun and other harsh elements. It even holds up under heavy-duty washing: You can clean your Dexerdry inserts with up to 3,000 pounds of water per square inch. Since Dexerdry is available in 12', 16’ and 20’ lengths, you can choose whatever length best fits your deck design.

Deckorators® Fastendry™

In addition to creating a dry zone under your deck, Fastendry keeps a fastener-free look on the deck surface with a rigid base plate that fastens decking to joists using a nail gun.

Unique among the Wolf composite outdoor decking lines, Wolf Perspective Decking is compatible with state-of-the-art Fastendry technology. When you couple Fastendry fasteners with our Wolf Perspective decking, you get a seamless appearance without compromising a stable structure — the best of both worlds.


Installation Tips

Once you’ve selected a finish that fits your home, you’re ready to begin installing your deck. If you choose to build a deck yourself, we’ve included some tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Besides Fastendry, Wolf Home Products recommends two other methods of hidden-fastener installation: Stowaway® and Tiger Claw®.

Note: Before beginning any construction project, check with your local regulatory agency. They can relay any special code requirements in your area. We also recommend having a licensed engineer or architect review any plans before you begin work.

Stowaway® Hidden Fasteners

Here are some installation tips using Stowaway Fasteners. For detailed instructions, go to our Stowaway Hidden Fasteners complete installation guide.

We recommend the following tools for a smooth installation:

  • Drill or power screwdriver
  • 1/8” drill bit
  • Circular saw with a carbide-tip blade
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • Safety glasses or goggles

How to install Stowaway fasteners:

  • Joist spacing: When using Stowaway fasteners, space joists 16 inches apart on center for perpendicular applications, and 12 inches on center for diagonal, herringbone and parquet designs. For best results and to minimize deflection, space joist at 12 inches on center.
  • Keep fasteners level: During installation, make sure to keep the fastener wings level with the joists to allow the next board to fasten correctly.
  • Butting end-to-end: If boards are joined end-to-end, add an eight-inch block to the framing and use a fastener on both sides of the joint.
  • Prevent movement: To ensure interior boards remain firmly in place, secure the boards at the center of their length with #8, two-inch stainless steel screws. These hold the board in place while still allowing for expansion and contraction.
  • For tough hardwoods: When securing a joist to a wood knot or dense hardwood, pre-drill holes to make installation easier.
  • When finished: After you’ve completed your deck, secure the edge of the first screwed board with any composite deck screw or a Cortex plug.
Tiger Claw® Hidden Deck Fasteners

Below are some helpful tips when installing a composite deck with Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners. For a full installation manual, reference our complete Tiger Claw guide.

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fastener Tips

We suggest the following tools for easy installation:

  • Power screw gun with ratcheting torque setting
  • Tiger Claw slot cutter
  • Router
  • Safety glasses or goggles

How to install Tiger Claw fasteners:

  • Proper coverage: To determine how many fasteners your deck will require, multiply the number of joists by the number of decking boards. The result will be the minimum number of fasteners recommended for the project.
  • Corner work: If your deck is flush with a walled corner of your home, begin your deck installation with a small piece of decking in that corner. From there, work your way outward.
  • When finished: To attach the last board, secure it with either finish nails or trim screws along the outside edge. For another method, try angling a screw through the deck frame and fastening it into the bottom of the board.

General considerations:

  • Remember temperature: Wolf Perspective Decking will expand and contract based on temperature, so it’s crucial to space your boards correctly. Reference our temperature chart to accurately estimate the amount of space to leave for expansion between your deck boards.
  • All about spacing: When constructing your deck, we recommend allowing for a minimum of two inches of unobstructed space below your deck for proper airflow and ventilation. This space will let your composite deck stay dry and reduce the chance of mold or mildew. When building close to other structures, leave at least a quarter-inch of space between the boards and the wall to prevent abrasion.
  • Care and maintenance: While Wolf Perspective Decking is beautifully low-maintenance, periodic cleaning will make sure it stays in optimal condition for many years. You don’t need a power washer to clean your deck: The harsh water force may chip away at your boards, as well as dirt. Instead, use a garden hose and mild household cleaner to keep it in perfect shape.
The Safest Choice

At Wolf Home Products, we understand a new, high-quality deck is an investment. Buying composite decking should not be a risky process. That's why we offer a 25-year limited warranty on our capped composite decking.

Our industry-leading warranties cover a wide range of potential damages related to structure, stain resistance, and fade resistance. When you choose Wolf Perspective Decking, you are even eligible for a 25-year removal and replacement warranty.

For complete guidelines and details, view our warranty information sheet.

You Deserve the Best

At Wolf Home Products, we know that beautiful, durable, high-quality decking matters. With more than 175 years of experience, we offer premium products without the premium price tag. You deserve the best, and with our superior products, we’re dedicated to helping your dream deck become a reality.

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