Ways to Use Mosaic Tile Beyond the Kitchen

BY Wolf Home Products |

A creative backsplash can instantly improve the ambiance of any kitchen, as it often serves as an ideal connector between the cabinetry and the countertops.

While you can incorporate the perfect mosaic tile style into your kitchen design, you can also extend the look into other areas of your home. Here are a few ideas.

Use Mosaic Tile in Your BathroomWolf Classic York White Coastal Lines

Wolf mosaic tile options find an immediate home in the bathroom, due to how well tile fits into those environments. Unlike wallpaper and paint, which can both experience issues with peeling and mildew, tiles are easy to clean and hold up well in repeated wet conditions.

You can place your new designs in multiple spots, with the shower being among the most popular. You can add a backsplash into a recessed niche in your shower stall, which breaks up the flow of your original tiles in a tasteful way.

You could also use our tiles to create an accent around your vanity, producing an engaging contrast between the countertop and the rest of the wall.

Improve the Look of Your Accent WallMosaic Tile Wall

Accent walls are becoming increasingly popular in many homes, as they provide a compelling contrast from the rest of the room's look. With 40 different finishes available, you can utilize an accent in common areas like a kitchen or a bathroom, as well as dining rooms, offices, art rooms, and pantries.

Depending on how you implement other tiles in the desired space, be sure to carefully select a design that walks the line between tasteful and overbearing. Use subway-style tile to reinforce your kitchen's simplistic look, or create a natural, hardened feel in your office with a style like Brushed Brick.