Ways to Enhance Your House Exterior

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When you improve the exterior of your house, you enjoy your property's appearance when you come home or spend time outside. Increasing curb appeal can impress your neighbors, but also helps you attract buyers if you ever choose to sell. 

Wolf Home Products can help you make the front of your house look great. Adding character to your house exterior provides benefits for years to come. You can choose a complete makeover or simply make a few minor changes. Either way, you will see your property in a whole new light!


How New Siding Increases Your Home's Curb Appeal

Since siding covers your entire home, upgrading your siding impacts your home's overall look and feel in a big way. New siding will improve curb appeal, increase your home's value, and  make your house look fresh and new.

Wolf Portrait™ High-Density Cellular™ Siding helps you realize the benefits of updating your house siding with a durable, high-quality siding system. This siding is the first in the industry to use a high-density cellular structure to withstand years and weather. With a 25-year stain and fade warranty, this siding helps your home look great and offers superior moisture and energy management.

With classic wood grain look in multiple colors, Wolf Portrait Siding will enhance your home's appearance with one renovation. 


Use Trim and Moulding Updates to Enhance Your Home Exterior

Many homeowners often overlook trim and moulding during an exterior renovation. Trim and moulding are details that set your home apart, add character and make your property look amazing. You can add trim and moulding around doors and windows, where your roof meets your siding, in entryways and around the roof of porches and columns.

By utilizing column wraps, moulding and trim, your home will look polished. Popular exterior trim and moulding styles include everything from modern, craftsman-style options to elaborate gingerbread trim, which is more often seen on Victorian homes.

Wolf Home Products offers moisture-resistant PVC trim and moulding to make your home look elegant and finished. Enjoy a premium look that lasts for years with less maintenance


Add Column Wraps to Elevate Your Home's Appearance

Column wraps for your porch are easily customizable instantly elevate your exterior. Wolf Home Products has column wraps with a snap design, and no external fasteners are needed. Wrap these around your external support for an instantly updated look. As an added benefit, these PVC wraps are peel, rot and moisture-resistant, and you can enjoy them for years without painting.
Column wraps are easy to install, and they can have a big payoff. Studies show that homes with inviting exteriors can sell for 7% to 14% more than homes with an outdated appearance. Long-term and short-term, Wolf Home Products is a wise investment.

Update your exterior with Wolf PVC Column Wraps from Wolf Home Products, and see the instant difference they make.


Upgrade Decking to Bring the Comfort and Beauty You Enjoy Inside to Your Home's Outside

Using outdoor decking to improve home value is a smart decision. Spaces like back decks, front porches or wrap-around patios can add more space to your property for your family to enjoy together. With an outdoor space to sit, eat and grill, you can bring the style and comfort of your interior outside during nice weather.

Decks and patios increase the comfort you can enjoy at home and can also boost your home's resale value. Wolf Home Products decking and porch comes in popular colors, offering stunning low-maintenance beauty. With Wolf Serenity™ Decking, you can create a gorgeous outdoor space you'll enjoy all year long.

Outdoor Railing and Specialty Items to Bring Outdoor Living to the Next Level

If you're already updating your deck, patio or porch, adding new railings and accessories such as arbours, trellises, pergolas is a helpful design step. Railings can be especially important to comply with local building codes, make your outdoor space safer and complete your design goals.

Wolf Railing offers traditional and deck board railing styles customizable to your space.We have everything you need to create a living space outside and to transform your home's exterior. 

Outdoor Lighting Gives Your Home a New Look

Outdoor lighting is crucial to elevate your outdoor spaces. Commonly installed at entranceways, along walkways, outside back doors and along decks and porches, lighting can highlight your home's architectural features and improve the overall appearance. Lighting is also essential for security and helps you prevent tripping and falling after dark. You can enjoy dining and relaxing outside, even when the sun goes down. 

Wolf Home Products has innovative solutions to light up your property without affecting the clean lines of your home. Our post cap and stair light options light your way and keep you safe while adding a soft, beautiful glow to your outdoor spaces. Our under rail lights keep the space open while lighting it up for the evening and nighttime activities. 

There are plenty of Wolf Outdoor Lighting options to choose from to light your path. Wolf Home Products ensures the beauty of your home lasts into the night so your home looks lovely at all times of the day.

Trust Wolf Home Products for a Stunning Home

Whether you're looking for new siding, outdoor kitchen supplies or outdoor railing and lighting to enhance outdoor living, Wolf Home Products can help. We've poured our expertise and creativity into industry-leading products that marry innovative and industry-leading designs with good looks and durability.

We can help you transform any aspect of your home's exterior with high-quality, personalized solutions. Find a dealer today or Wolf PRO today or start browsing our high-quality products to improve your home's exterior or resale value.