Things to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash Color

BY Wolf Home Products |

Kitchen renovations will force you to make dozens of decisions, and some choices carry higher stakes than others.

One decision that's often underrated is finding the right kitchen backsplash, as it can significantly enhance the overall feel of your space and afford you the opportunity to inject your personality into your new or remodeled kitchen. There are lots of different tiles and other materials to create your ideal display. Here are some backsplash ideas and tips to help you in your selection.

Wolf Accents in Kitchen Backsplash1. Find the Material You'd Like to Emulate

Styles vary wildly, and your backsplash might be one of the most noticeable aspects which illustrate that point.

If you want a look that exudes elegance and cleanliness, choose from our Frosty or Silk Diamond options for a backsplash that utilizes smooth lines and neutral colors. Conversely, we also offer choices like Steel Lines, which suit kitchens that sport an industrial flair.

From Brushed Brick to Satin Tile, we're confident we have your preferred aesthetic.

2. What Do You Want Its Colors to Accomplish?

Not only does Wolf Home Products carry various material looks, but the kitchen backsplash colors also give you a lot of versatility.

Some kitchens call for neutral tones — like white, gray, and black — and we have plenty of tiles that meet that description. You can decide to make the entire backsplash one color, or you could choose from options that mix those hues. For example, Chrome Mosaic effortlessly blends blacks, grays, and silvers to create an unforgettable look, all without contrasting with the other parts of your kitchen.

If you're looking for contrast, we also have tiles that come in vivid blues, earthy browns, and other bright colors that add some vibrancy and pop to your space.

3. Find the Right Size to Deliver the Right Impact

Consider not only the individual tile's size, but also the entirety of the display.

Some tiles utilize tiny, evenly sized squares to create an engaging backsplash. Others, such as the City Sphere option, use circles of varying sizes to produce a mesmerizing contrast. You could also go with large, no-nonsense bricks that evoke a straightforward look.

With respect to the whole display, you could let it extend up to the bottom of the cabinets and let it run through the entire kitchen, or you could choose to extend it up the wall where there's space, such as above the sink.

4. Match Your Backsplash With Existing ElementsMosaic Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

Backsplashes usually serve as a bridge of sorts between countertops and cabinets, with all three coming together to form a beautiful overall appearance. Your appliances and decorations should play a role in the decision, too. Carefully examine the intricacies of your surrounding elements to understand what flows well and what doesn't.