How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation

BY Wolf Home Products |

Rustic Cherry IslandKitchen renovations are hardly as clean and streamlined as TV portrays them to be. Depending on the scale, these kinds of projects can take weeks, diverting traffic from arguably the busiest place in your home.

It will take some money, planning, and physical labor, but you're more than capable of minimizing the negatives of the process and emerging on the other end with the beautiful and functional kitchen that you've envisioned. It takes the right preparation, the right supplier and the right materials. Here are some tips for preparing for a kitchen remodel.

1. Consult with Your Contractor

Unless you're planning on a DIY remodel, you'll likely need to enlist a contractor to assist you with many aspects of the project. Your contractor will be the go-to contact for all questions related to the ongoing renovation. When you meet with them initially, you'll need to discuss the estimated budget, the projected timeline, and the preparations you need to carry out to make the space work-ready.

2. Protect What You're Keeping

No matter how comprehensive the remodel is, there will likely be elements that you'll want to protect and preserve to enjoy within the new environment.

If you've recently changed the floor or like it the way it is, you'll need to acquire some covers to keep it shielded from equipment, debris and potential damage. You can get scraps from your local carpet store, which provide both cushion and protection. You can also put down plastic and different layers.

You should also carefully wrap and store your dinnerware, drinking glasses, mugs and other loose pieces that you might find in your cabinets. Repeat the process with your decorations, appliances, and cookware as well.

If your kitchen has windows, you'll need to tape them off and seal them to contain dust and prevent damage.

3. Prep Your Kitchen's Infrastructure

You'll likely need to shut down your kitchen as a functional room for a while. This may require your contractor to disconnect all gas, plumbing, and electrical connections in the kitchen. You might be able to help the work crew by getting a head-start on demo wherever possible — like removing cabinets and backsplash tiles.

Somerset White Kitchen4. Prep Your Family for the Project

If you have children, pets, or both, it can be difficult for them to adjust to the challenges presented by renovations. You'll need to ensure that they all steer clear of the area during construction, to remain safe. You'll also need to have a plan for eating. You'll need different ways to prepare your meals, and you might end up eating out a lot. It's wise to prep in advance as much as possible.

Loud noises might disrupt your home life for a while, so your pets might benefit from staying with a friend or family member.

It won't be easy, and you'll definitely feel frustrated at times, but meticulous planning can significantly mitigate some of your problems.

Start Your Kitchen Renovation with a Visit to Your Local Dealer

When you're finally ready to begin your renovation, Wolf Home Products can supply you with the necessary materials to create the kitchen space you've always wanted. Contact a dealer in your area to discuss your options today.