How to Pair Decking and Railing to Fit Your Style

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When you're building a new deck, it's important to choose the right decking and railing styles that will complement each other and suit your needs. During the design process, be sure to love the final look before any work begins. With so many options available, here are four steps to help you design the perfect new deck for your home.

1. Choose Your Layout

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The first thing to consider is how you plan to use your deck, which will impact the layout. Will you add an outdoor table to enjoy meals outside in the warmer weather? Is your deck next to a pool? Do you plan on installing a shade structure later?

Decide how you want your deck to take shape around your home, and consider anything you will need space for later. This can also inform your material choice, as some decking options are not as water-resistant, making them less than ideal to surround a pool or hot tub. 

2. Choose Decking Colors

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Look at the deck finishes and styles you like the most. Are you drawn to lighter or darker wood finishes? Have an idea of what you are looking for before meeting with your contractor, you can share your preferences to make it easier to choose a style you truly love. 

The style of your home also plays a role in finding the perfect decking color. Consider the style of the outdoor environment, including your home's architectural style and your property's landscaping. If you chose a more rustic style for your porch, but your home has a more contemporary, modern appearance, the deck will look out of place. You should also consider whether you want the deck to blend with your home's natural landscaping or act as a contrast.

3. Decide Where Your Railing Will Go

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Will your railing wrap around your entire deck or cover just a portion? Consider how you want to experience your deck and who will be using it. If you have children, pets or elderly individuals in the home, you may want to pick a stockier railing that provides support and security across the entire deck.

Depending on where you put your railing, you may be able to see it from inside your home. If that's the case, choose a color you'll love to look at every day. If you have a nice view from certain parts of your deck, consider choosing glass balusters or leaving it free of a railing, so you can admire it from inside your home. 

4. Pick a Railing That Will Complement Your Home and Deck

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Your deck and railing styles should complement each other and your home. Decide if you want your railing to blend in or contrast with its surroundings. For example, do you want your railing to be the focal point of your deck? Look at the color of your house, the window trim or your home's accents to choose the right deck and railing color combinations.

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