How Long Will My Kitchen Renovation Take?

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Having the opportunity to build your dream kitchen is an exciting time. If you love to cook or bake, want to entertain friends and family or need extra storage space, a kitchen renovation is a perfect way to transform your space into the kitchen you desire.

Like you would with any type of renovation project, having a timeline is a big help. However, even when your contractor gives you an estimated timeline for your kitchen remodel, a number of factors can affect that timeline at any stage of the renovation. Read on to learn more about those factors and how they may affect your kitchen renovation schedule.

Planning and DesignBerwyn Opal Kitchen Cabinets

During this first stage, your timeline can vary greatly. Some designers nail the design for your new kitchen on the first try, and sometimes you need to look at a few drafts before you create the perfect look. The planning stage includes a number of important decisions — taking the time that you need to make each of those decisions will affect the overall timeline of the project.

If you like weighing all of your options before making a decision, the planning and design stage may take much longer. On the flip side, if you're the type to go with your gut and make quick decisions, the process will be a lot shorter.

Also, if you plan on using custom cabinets and countertops, these elements take much longer to create. Instead, go with stock cabinets from Wolf to get an attractive design that ships quickly.

The Number and Types of Tasks

The planning stage will also determine how much work you want to have done on your kitchen. A kitchen renovation can be anything from replacing the countertops and adding an accent backsplash to changing the configuration of the entire space. The more tasks on the contractor's to-do list, the longer the project will take.

The tasks themselves can also affect the timeline. Certain projects within the renovation require more time than others. If you're changing out the appliances, you may need to do additional electrical and mechanical work.

While you're in the planning stages, you should receive an estimate for the timeline. But, when the projects actually begin, that timeline may change. If you do need extra work done, there's a higher chance that you'll encounter unexpected problems or complications that will extend the project's timeline.

Unexpected Delays

Home improvement projects are notorious for encountering delays. From hidden problems to changes in material availability, many different factors can cause delays in the project. At the beginning of your kitchen renovation, you will receive an estimated timeline, but it's important to be flexible throughout the process.

When you have a timeline, it will most likely change once the work starts. With so many variables at play during the process, there's a good chance at least one thing will not go as planned, which will affect your entire kitchen renovation schedule.

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