How to Decide if the Dartmouth Door Style Is Right for You

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Choosing new cabinets can be one of the most difficult decisions during a room remodel.

Manufacturers produce highly flexible looks and designs, which allow the consumer to adapt them to their specific style, but all that freedom can be intimidating. If you're looking into Dartmouth doors from Wolf's Classic cabinet line, you might be experiencing similar feelings of indecision.

These Shaker-style products are quite popular. In fact, the Dartmouth door is our most popular door style, but you might not be entirely sure of how they can fit into your vision. Here are some considerations to make when deliberating if the Dartmouth door style is right for you.

What Are the Features of Dartmouth Cabinet Doors?

Dartmouth White Cabintets

The Dartmouth is our take on the Shaker style, which has been around for centuries. This style became popular thanks to its clean lines that give a straightforward feel. It signaled a commitment to simplicity and functionality.

Drawers use no added ornamental touches or flourishes on solid wood, giving it arguably the most simple look among modern cabinetry. The main doors also eschew any unnecessary embellishments, instead opting for uninterrupted continuity between rails and stiles. The central panel of the Dartmouth offers a slight recess to give some added dimension. 

When it comes to color, the slightest difference in shades can alter the appearance of a room. You can bring out the look of your cabinets using one of our stains, as we have four different options available. 

We also have a range of popular paint choices for you to choose from. A classic color like white, our most popular paint option, will give your kitchen or bathroom a light, airy look for a simple yet timeless space. Add more character to your space by incorporating the latest trends in vibrant colors. Choose from nine stylish colors to make your space unique, including Pewter or shades of blue, brown and grey.

Pick Bayside blue for a modern, vibrant flare. Stonybrook brown delivers notes of rustic country and warmth. Paint Dartmouth cabinets in Palmetto grey and invoke a laid back, cool ambiance to the kitchen or bathroom. Each option alters your room's character. All you have to do is determine what you want your room to say. 

Dartmouth 5-Piece Style Doors

Dartmouth 5-Piece Cabinets White

Designed to bring some flair to the kitchen, our Dartmouth 5-piece style door has additional dimensions on both the central panel of the door and the above drawer. Perfect for that country chic kitchen or elegant French-inspired bathroom, these doors bring a simple yet bold message to the room.

Add small details like unique hardware, and visitors will be drawn to it by the emphasis the dimension adds. You can even change the finish of these cabinets to better fit the mood you're setting. Order them in standard paints and stains such as White and Pewter paint, or Grey and brown stains. Keep the sophistication of this cabinet style while bringing life to them with one of Wolf Classic ComplementsTM special order paint finishes like Biscayne, Midnight or Juniper.

What Styles Can You Adapt These Doors To?

Dartmouth White Pewter Kitchen

Due to practically being a blank slate, Dartmouth cabinets fit with various aesthetics in the kitchen, bathroom or other areas of the home.

Contemporary styles are their most obvious fit, as the cabinetry gives you a sleek and minimalistic look. Dark wood is a prominent feature of these kinds of ensembles, which you can meet with our Grey, Dark Sable, or Brownstone finishes. You can then complement the dark tones with shiny brass pulls to give some pleasingly tasteful contrast in your color palette.

When considering their recessed central panels, you can pair these cabinets with various hardware — like larger brushed brass and nickel pulls — and brightly colored paints to meet more modern hallmarks.

The timeless style and lighter stains also work well in kitchens that identify as midcentury modern. Pairing the Honey option with white countertops will immediately transport guests.

If you're looking for clean and sophisticated, an entirely white kitchen is one of the best roads to go down. Dartmouth cabinets, in conjunction with subtle silver handles and knobs, fit that mold exceptionally well when coated with our pearly paint.

Find Wolf Dartmouth Cabinets at Your Local Dealer

Wolf Home Products can satisfy the vast range of tastes our customers have thanks to our supremely versatile Dartmouth cabinet doors and drawers. You can play around with numerous possibilities when you reach out to a Wolf dealer, who will hook you up with the cabinets of your dreams. Contact your local professional today.