Choosing the Perfect Shade of White for Your Kitchen

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White kitchen cabinets might be the one color that never truly goes out of style. In fact, it's consistently rated as one of the top three most popular cabinet colors throughout numerous surveys.

White helps kitchens feel more spacious and it also inspires a feeling of positivity and cleanliness, which a lot of people appreciate. That said, there's more than just pure white out there — the hue can vary to accommodate many different styles and tastes.

While it might be tough to separate the different shades, here are some tips to remember and questions to ask yourself when going through the process.

Know That Many Undertones Exist

Sierra White Kitchen Cabinets

Choose any random white sample and isolate it, and its subtleties might not seem like a big deal. However, comparing it to other whites should quickly open your eyes to how flexible this color can be.

Whites can feature hints of green, brown, yellow, and even pink — and this can alter how your cabinets mesh with their surroundings. Be sure to compare plenty of samples next to each other inside your kitchen. Once you train your eye to spot the differences, you'll be more likely to select your preferred shade.

What Colors Appear in Your Other Elements?

White Kitchen Cabinet

Look at all of the elements that surround your cabinets — countertops, appliances, flooring, wall paint, backsplash, and more — and carefully examine their colors and how they interact with each other. Depending on the white you choose, your cabinetry can complement its surroundings or clash.

Pure white fits well in a lot of situations due to its natural neutrality, which means you can include a nice mixture of lighter and darker hues. White shades with natural undertones might not fit as well, however, if your other elements aren't neutral. For example, greenish white might look off if you have cherry wood flooring.

How Is the Lighting in Your Kitchen?

Kitchen with White Cabinets

Light drastically affects how we perceive color, and that's especially true for white. Some people prefer darker, cozier spaces that feature low lighting, while other kitchens feature radiant bursts of natural light. The latter scenario sets up perfectly for purer whites, like snow, as it helps to accentuate the organic brightness.

When you don't have as much luminosity, colored whites show up more distinctively.

What Kinds of Cabinets Meet Your Style?

Opal Kitchen Cabinets

Wolf Home Products carries multiple hues of white cabinets through our different product lines. If you can't wait to get your project started, you can select from numerous styles through our Quick Ship series, which we deliver in days, not weeks, exactly how you want it.

With a variety of different options, you can find your preferred tone with ease. Wolf Classic cabinets offer White paint as well as an Opal option for an added feeling of warmth with our Berwyn door style. If you're looking for a SmartShield finish, which improves resistance against stains and easily wipes clean, you could choose our Arctic SmartShield in our Wolf Signature line of cabinets or our Pearl SmartShield in the Vero series of our Builders Mark cabinets.

Opal Cabinets vs White Cabinets

You can also receive added choices if you consider Wolf Designer cabinets, which include different whites and assorted glazes. We apply the glazes by hand and wipe them down to create unique looks for all your doors and drawers.

Find the Best White for Your Kitchen Cabinets at One of Our Local Dealers

Wolf Home Products can deliver a wide range of different white kitchen cabinets to meet your preferred look. Contact a dealer in your area today.