7 Ways to Make a New Kitchen Feel Like Yours

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Walking into your new home, an empty kitchen may seem pristine. It is also full of possibility. The kitchen is the heart of your home and by implementing a few kitchen design tips, you can transform your new space into a kitchen which truly feels like home.

How to Make a New Kitchen Feel Like Yours

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If you want to personalize your kitchen and make it feel like you, there’s a few things you’ll want to do:

  • Set up your stove space: Your stove is where you’ll do much of your cooking and you want to make sure you have utensils, kitchen towels and everything else you need within easy grabbing distance. Set up your stove so you can start cooking right away. The smell of a homemade meal is one way to definitely make your kitchen feel cozy. Wolf Home Products™ has cabinetry storage solutions to help you make the most of every inch of your kitchen.
  • Add a scent: Think of what kind of scent smells like home to you. Is it fresh baked cookies? Lemon? A favorite soap? Use diffusers or natural essential oils to make your home smell familiar from the start and you’ll feel instantly more at home when whipping up dinner.
  • Bring in personal items: Think about something in your kitchen with meaning. Maybe it’s a framed piece of art that reminds you of your favorite holiday or your much-loved kettle from your past home. Putting a few personal touches around your space is a fast and inexpensive way to add your own style to your cooking space.
  • Add warm colors and non-kitchen items: Warm woods, soft greens and even a rug can “soften” your space and make it feel more welcoming. Items such as plants and books can also make the room look comfortable.
  • Organize your countertops: Try to keep counters clear, but do add a few personal touches. Your favorite coffee maker and the appliances you use most, or a colorful bowl of fruit make your space more functional. It also makes the room look lived in. If you need more countertop space, Wolf Home Products has cabinetry for all your storage solutions.
  • Change the hardware: One way you can make your cabinets and kitchen drawers one-of-a-kind is by removing the pulls and other hardware and replacing them with your own unique style. Go quirky with mismatched trendy pulls or novelty hardware, or add antique-style hardware to create a sophisticated space.
  • Add lighting under the cabinets: This is a very inexpensive fix that also adds light to the room. It’s very practical, letting you see your countertops more effectively.

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