We Are Number Eight!

We Are Number Eight!

By Tom Wolf

Being number one in something confers instant bragging rights; thus the ubiquity of the chant, “We’re number one!” So why do I feel so good about having WOLF Classic Cabinets come in at number eight on the K+BB Brand Preference Report Top Ten Stock Cabinet List for 2013? Here’s why: 1) we are in very distinguished company; 2) our appearance on the list reflects the speed with which the market has embraced our product; and 3) we are clearly the newbie on the list (we had only been selling WOLF Classic Cabinets for about a year when the survey was taken last fall). So, I’m actually very proud of the fact that at this early stage of our product’s life, “We’re number eight!”

The K+BB Brand Top Ten List of stock cabinets includes of a venerable list of stock cabinet labels like Merillat, Aristokraft, KraftMaid, IKEA, and Wellborn. These fine brands have been around for years and have truly national reputations, and it is a great compliment to have been included with them.

But inclusion on the list does comport with market reality when it comes to our product. WOLF Classic Cabinets are great cabinets. They’re made in the United States by American workers of mostly American components and they compete quite well (on both quality and price) with imported cabinets (for example, we’re only two spots behind IKEA on the list). As a result, demand for these cabinets has literally skyrocketed over the past year and a half; we’re actually struggling to keep pace with the increase in demand and we’re not yet selling them throughout the United States. It’s nice to have this early success recognized by the people responsible for this Top Ten List.

Finally, all of us at WOLF are floored by the speed with which we showed up on the list. The kitchen and bath professionals who placed us on the Top Ten List were surveyed just last fall. At that point, WOLF Classic Cabinets had only been on the market for a little over a year and were only being sold in the Eastern United States. We thought we were working quickly to spread the word about the many virtues of WOLF Classic Cabinets, but we were pleasantly surprised by how fast K+BB’s respondents pushed us to the Top Ten List. We must have made a great first impression.

The point is that we’re proud of our WOLF Classic Cabinets. We think it’s a very good new line; we think it meets the needs of today’s serious cabinet customers by offering both high quality and import prices; and we know it’s already turning heads. It’s nice to know that others share these views, and it’s nice to have our success so fulsomely recognized by being included with such exalted company on this great Top Ten List. We’re proud to be on such an august list, and we’re proud to be able to say, “We’re number eight!”

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